Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eastern Cities, Western Towns

These days everybody in US may know Shang Hai or Bei Jing because China becomes one of the hot growing global economy engine in recent years, today, we’d like to share Eastern cities, and compared them with large cities in US, not necessary “apple to apple”, to make the more spiritual comparison.

Shang Hai is the biggest commercial city in China, just like New York city in US; Bei Jing as the Capital of China, the same postion of Washington D.C. in US. In last decade, seems the investors all over the world crowed to the first ties cities to dig the gold, actually I think, the next investing tide could go to those 2nd tier of cities, which already started, and they’ll continue to open the doors and grow.

Guang Zhou is the Capital city of Guangdong Province located along the south coastline of China. Being an excellent port on the Pearl River navigable to the South China Sea; Guang Zhou hosts the biggest consumer goods expo annually; It reminds me of Chicago surrounded with beautiful Madison River, and grand water tower, Chicago also has one of the biggest merchant marts in US, and organize many merchandise shows every year; well, the weather are different in this two cities; Guang Zhou has the nickname “Flower city”, which indicate its warm weather even in Winter seasons, if I could think any negative thing about it, probably its polluted air these years; Chicago is called “Windy city”, remember the taxi driver mentioned to me about -20 degree, with very chilly Winter season, Chicago becomes more famous because of President Obama lived there before, I am also very impressed on its convenient public transportation system.

Long, long time ago, Hangzhou, there is a "paradise" reputation, well-known for its beautiful natural scenery, with the charming West Lake; talking about the lake, twin city Minneapolis has so many lakes with the biggest shopping mall in US.

Golden Gate bridge makes San Francisco one of the best attraction and culture center in the world, the Long River Bridge at Nanjing was one of the most prestigious and publicized constructions in China, Nanjing was the capital of six different dynasties, and one of the well-developed cities with enriched culture and history in China. But San Francisco may have the best weather in the world, Nan Jing is one of the” three furnaces” in China, that make you think about the same hot burning weather in Houston in Lone Star state, Houston is also one of the largest cities in US.

The scene, the energy, the culture and the spirit make those great cities cross Pacific Ocean look familiar and inspirational.


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