Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Education without Border

My 8-year-old daughter spends significant amount of time to play Pokemon weekly; her same age cousin in Asia already takes Olympic math every week; My daughter usually go to school with a big backpack, but really not so much inside, maybe one favorite book, a piece of paper or toy; the same age kids in Asia usually carry very heavy backpack with five to six text books and homework insides, heavy as bricks.

Which education style is better, well, it’s hard to judge, Western’s open style definitely make kids more enjoy the school time, you can choose any books you’d like to read, paint a lot, to cultivate the artistic imagination; Eastern’s standardized & instense teaching and learning style could well train kids to be more disciplined with data & analytic mindset.

Playing game educate kids with real world experiences, If only not addict to it; Learning Olympic math offer kids with great challenges if only not become the slave of it.

Chinese old saying: “Learning well math, physics and chemistry, not afraid of traveling all over the world”, that’s the nice credo to encourage youth to learn science harder;

Fortunately the great quote from Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited, the imagination encircle the world”, this is a great excuse for kids who love to play the game though.

I believe the education system in 21th century should be the great mixture of Western’s innovative approach with Eastern’s systematic training, to build up the 21th century global talents with integrated sets of skills.


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