Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some insight bout Women Leadership in 21th Century

Recently participated a few inspiring women leadership events both virtually and physically, from Daily Beast’s “Women in the World”, Bain’s “The gender Agenda”, to local physical event such as Fountain Blue’s “When she speak”. Are those “he said, she said” kind of old argument? or at the beginning of new decade of 21th century, it’s the right timing to make another gender milestone in human society.

I believe it’s the perfect timing, especially we’ve just been through the Biggest Reception in our life, rejuvenating the leadership with diversity is one of the most critical agenda should be brought up to the table.

A few insights from my cross-cultural, cross-industrial, cross-functional perspective:

• Mutual Support between females: Not only the female leadership need be respected and supported by men, but also the female should support and nurture each other positively, between mentor vs. mentee, manager vs. employee, colleagues, mother vs. daughters, female friends each other, no jealousy, no bad-mouth, no politics, “completely no” maybe impossible, but the attitude could make the differences;

•Social and Community Support: Compare Western to Eastern, in many cities in Asia, there’re more affordable and convenient full day child-care, or house help services;

•Old tradition and bad culture disruptor: As modern female grown up in cross-cultural environment, we should absorb the quintessence of Eastern & Western culture, discard the out of date, old-fashion way of thinking process, create the positive aura with scientific logic.

•Women in the Color: Is there any woman or even man without color in 21th century? Color is essential for the true leadership of 21th century.

Hopefully this gender’s agenda will open the new chapter in 2010, and in 20 years, no matter in developed world or developing countries, or the brand-new multi-polar world, all the boys and girls, women and men would reach their full potential and fulfill the life and career dream.


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