Monday, September 3, 2012

2012’s 100th Blog to Celebrate Labor Day: Think Deeper, Blog Louder

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and it’s time to welcome the Fall, the harvest season, not only about the leaf turning to beautiful golden yellow; but also for the mature of life beings.  Here, we celebrate Labor Day holiday via the year’s 100th Blog, to appreciate the abundance of thought leadership, the flow of collective wisdom, and the multitude of social influence.

Social Computing becomes forefront for both organizations and individuals to share and cheer, fight and fear these days, it’s the new mindset to win, the new way to thrive and new virtual space need master for.

If twitting is too “light” as only a click away to distribute the content, then blogging is a “heavy” work, takes wondering & pondering to co-create content, well, it’s just like life, takes some “light enjoyment”, but need more hard-working. 

1.    Leading via Blogging

For many knowledge-intense businesses’ web site, their “blog” page becomes the most dynamic and readable section, they present to their customers with updated content almost daily, via collaborative effort, it’s fresh,  it’s diversified,  and it’s food for thought for their target audience. It’s also about the new added social process to improve business transparency and talent pipeline.

For business leaders and talent professionals, blog may also becomes your influence, your brand, about who you are in-depth with consistency, your value & your calling, your insight & your pondering, your expertise & part of your digital footprint. 


2.    Blog with Humility

Blogging is more about knowledge sharing and new idea creation, for business and talent, should blogger become:

    • Philanthropist of Knowledge: Knowledge is power, though we may live at the era of information abundance, not all information is knowledge, the well- thought, knowledge-fresh blogs, make us enchanting, like smell the flower or drink a cup of coffee or tea. The bloggers may also feel humbled, as their work is just like a drop of water flowing into the Ocean of knowledge.

    • Symbol of Progress: Blogging is a continuing journey, it takes learning, de-learning, thinking and creating, it’s like a wheel, you have to keep running to touch the ground and up to the speed. It’s such humility to understand the world of wisdom.

    • Writer of Dynamic book: Blogging also makes you humbled, because, it seems you are plotting a book, however, because the world changes so fast, the knowledge is updated so dramatically, the more content and ideas continue to push in, so the dynamic book may never ends. It is humility.

3.    Flow of Knowledge & Collective Wisdom

The future of world become both Big and Small, the exponential data & knowledge created by humankind make the world more enriched & bigger than ever; on the other side, the multi-channel social platforms are shaping such a small world, we may all find much more like-minded friends all over the world easily via the wisdom sharing, knowledge crafting and information flowing at social platform, it’s power of technology to amplify collective human capabilities and shorten the physical distance, to weave a colorful & better world.  

Ponder the Future, Wonder the Wisdom, Think Deeper, Blog Louder, Work Harder,  and Happy Labor Day!


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