Thursday, October 3, 2019

Learning and Education

The purpose of education is to instill the art of learning, adapt in a changing world, drive progression, further the quality of civilization and enriching the role we play in the universe.

Education is an amazing thing. Quality education should promote all positive perspectives of humanity such as the wonder of the unknown, freedom to imagine, confidence to create, empathy to understand, creativity to imagine, discipline to commit, skills to innovate, judgment in action, etc. The future of learning will require to break away from the current one-size-fits-all mold and move to a more customized learning to really encourage people building their strengths and unleashing their potential. The purpose of education is to both satisfy those learning minds and inspire more minds to learn.

Satisfy learning minds: Digital education should evolve self-directing learning scenario, to encourage receivers thinking “who they are,” and explore “who they want to be.” Natural potential and intuition foster into known and undiscovered diverse approaches of thinking for encouraging self-discovery, inspiring self-improvement, maximizing self-determination, and achieving self-sufficiency.

Today’s digital-savvy generation will become more inquisitive than the previous generations, they have many inquiries in the mind: Why should we learn that static knowledge that I can search the internet only clicks away? What’s the connection between the theories I learn and what happens in the real world? Does the knowledge I learn have already outdated as the world has changed with much faster speed? How can I apply my learning to solve the problems which I am interested in? Does learning help me become a unique human being, not just a commodity product with the “score identity”? What is really needed is more focus on “human development” in the education process or the “human capital” from the management perspective.

The quality education should meet the need for people to think solutions on a personal and group level, to think of future needs, to think outside the box, to focus on mind crafting, rather than just knowledge instilling. Ideally, the quality education should set the guide for the life adventure based on being who you are, what you plan to do and the alternatives to reach the destination.

Inspire more minds to learn: Increasingly, as civilization evolves, we have more information and greater opportunity to think for ourselves. We have an endless reservoir of goodness waiting to be tapped and we should continually look for it. Thanks for the unprecedented convenience brought by advanced information technology. We have better access to information on most topics.

Quality education today, hence, should open, not close one’s mind, inspire more minds to learn, help receivers recognize opportunities, give them the ability to evaluate the opportunities, ability to select and opt for what is best suited to the individual, inspire them to cultivate thinking and learning habits.

Digital, like the fertilized soil, is sprouting more “gurus," and growing more followers as well. Through learning, people have in themselves all that is needed to become fulfilled individuals; they are not in competition with their peers, but rather with themselves, in becoming their best versions, listen to and balance their instincts, intuition, imagination, and make inquiries with ingenuity towards achieving life purposes.

Adapt to a faster learning method: The digital workforce today or tomorrow not only need to compete with each other in the global scope but also have to compete with machines. The education system administered via the mechanical and reductionistic management philosophy with manufacturing style, focusing on instilling static knowledge, is no longer fit enough for the exponential changes and shorten knowledge life cycle. 

The emergence of social platforms and digital learning tools provide a new way to learn, share and collaborate, and the hybrid solution of formal and informal learning makes self-directed learning a reality and imperative to unlock innate human informal. Digital learning with varying channels and styles is the key option to learn and become who we really are or who we want to be.

Thanks for the unprecedented digital convenience today, there are so many things to learn, and there are so many ways to learn, how to digitize education with hybrid styles to inspire learning, unlock creativity, and build nonlinear skills and capabilities to meet the emergent digital talent requirement.

The purpose of education is to instill the art of learning, adapt in a changing world, drive progression, further the quality of civilization and enriching the role we play in the universe. The ultimate goal of the education is to value and develop the people’s natural potential and give space to his/her creative and instinctive way of discovering the world, and contribute to the progress of human society.


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