Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrate Mother's Day: to Connect Leadership Nature & ‘Mother Nature’ --The True Leaders are ……

To celebrate Mother’s Day with leadership brainstorming, lead by asking: Is there commonality between leadership nature and ‘Mother Nature’? Absolutely a lot: Maturity, love, exemplarity, responsibility, balance, or sensitivity. Etc.  In the world of work, leadership should be top-down, bottom-up, outside-in, inside-out and even sideways. No matter the scope or style, great leadership exists on small, medium and large scales. Leadership is a role into which one is cast as a leader. You can be handpicked, voted in, born to it or the last one standing. But, what the true leaders are anyway:

  1. True Leaders are who do not follow where the path may lead, but instead goes where there is no path and leave a trail. They are visionaries, and what they see with greatest clarity is human potential.

  1. The diamond in rough of true leadership is a spark of rebellion, not cocky but mildly indignant when questioned, a person who dares to ask the ''W'' questions and who challenges the norm because it is the norm. 

  1. True leaders are who find themselves first, or know the answer for the question of "who am I" or who understand the essence of "being", or in other words they are authentic and rich intuitive skill. 

  1. True Leaders are the one's who do the right thing not just things rightly. True leaders are... Human beings with a deep sense of others, a humble sense of themselves, a vision, and the ability to engage others to make it happen.

  1. True leaders are anchored in centered, personal power rather than position power or reactivity. They respond to a larger context for the current situation and work creatively toward a better future.

  1. True leaders are also strategic and courageous thinkers who can inspire others. People follow a true leader because it brings out the best in them and is in their best interest in the long term

  1. True leaders have the wisdom, courage and empathy to lead others with authenticity, humility and service. True leaders are those who can inspire ordinary people to do extra ordinary things .... "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." -- Lao Tzu 

  1. True leaders are sensitive and responsive, help the group finds the answers and directions by themselves- leaders as facilitators. True Leaders are human beings with a deep sense of others, a humble sense of themselves, a vision, and the ability to engage others to make it happen.

  1. True Leaders give respect to get respect. True leaders are fully invested in fostering an environment where the associates are motivated by values and are empowered to do the right thing without hesitation or fear. True Leaders are ...... human 

  1. Daring, trustworthy, agile but not impulsive, tough on business but not stubborn, they know how to involve people they gathered, keeping their word; humor for opening the minds, flattering-proof, intelligence and evidence-based planning and working. Animal sense for anticipating the context's changes and for sensing people's competencies.

  1. True leaders ethically, diplomatically, unselfishly and enthusiastically lead others to their "greatness". Such leaders role-model the very principles they teach (and that includes how to follow the leadership of others). 

  1. True leaders are authentic, have courage to challenge the status quo, and help others succeed. True leaders must be brave enough to do what is needed, what is right and what may not be the easiest journey. They do it with honor and people respond because of their authentic nature and trustworthiness

  1. True Leaders are - those who have grasped the importance & necessity of their roles in leading upfront or on the behind if needed; & have wholly engaged themselves in the process - by self-example, towards certain visionary & eventually benevolent goals, with a clear objective of doing it with excellence; while taking concerned people forward by encouraging & developing their potential catalytically; to achieve the goals - with conviction & thereby determination, patience, perseverance; such that true justice is done at every junction of risk and reward.

  1. Laser focused and truly invested in their teams and organization success; who understand when to listen; when to act and who creates a healthy culture by building on team strengths. People magnets...Naturally instill confidence in others through their actions and decisions... 

  1. True leaders are individuals who can cultivate the minds and souls of their team members & beyond to help them achieve goals in situations in which motivation and support is the key. A leader with the inner strength to put their people first and create an environment where communication and open discussion is the prevailing wind in the business, and they have true insight. It is vital for a true leader to step into the shoes of those he/she leads and will take to account the limitation of an individual, but harness their strong point and weak points to fortify that individuals own growth and development. 
  2. True leaders are Agile readers of the environment who can look at the world or their organizations from multiple altitudes and translate what they see for the people around them in a way that sets direction and inspires action.

  1. Tue leaders are the ones willing to step up and grab the reigns. They don't have to be perfect but understand their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses. They are the people who can inspire others to do great things and bring out the beat in others.

  1. The true leaders are ‘hard and soft’: When you observe from far, you respect; when you come near, you feel intimate. What else to say; perhaps they are sometimes “harder than diamond, softer than flower"- people look to them for their strength and vision, they acknowledge their weaknesses and they remember that to achieve their vision they are relying on human beings and not human doings. 

  1. True Leaders take a little more than his share of blame; a little less than his share of credit.  -A.H. Glasgow 

  1. The soul always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. --Emily Dickenson's                         True leaders are always lifelong learners
True leaders are willing to "sail beyond the sunset and the baths of all the western stars," even if they have to do it alone.

True leaders are those who know themselves, believe in themselves and are proud of their ways. Rest will follow, including others.

True leadership is just like Mother Nature, authentic, mature, deep and trustworthy. "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"   - John Quincy Adams


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