Friday, May 23, 2014

Is Artificial Intelligence good or bad for Mankind

It takes sound strategies for dealing with inevitable rise of AIs with both opportunity management and risk management.
There are fiery debates in professional BI /Future Trend communities as the distinguished physicist Stephen Hawking warned about the potential threats that the Artificial Intelligence might bring to the mankind and humanity may face an uncertain future. It is indeed a good suggestion that “all of us should ask ourselves what we can do now to improve the chances of reaping the benefits and avoiding the risks" in the development of AI.

The Problem with all new inventions is that they always have two sides. They were invented for good, but can be turned into bad as well. The benefit of intelligence is proven as important tools to make business or society more progressive and smarter; to diagnose the problem and learn from mistakes; to predict, plan future action and to foresee the consequences that the planned actions will have; to capture the trend, but leave out what is no longer relevant. However, the major problem at artificial intelligence is that humans might not be able to recognize if it turns into bad as if artificial intelligence is really intelligent, beyond the manipulation of human beings.

There are two mindsets in this world as well: Adventure and control. Throughout history adventure has taken mankind to wonderful new levels of advancement technologically, economically, psychologically and methodologically. Thus, it is important to grasp new possibilities, and welcome the constructive creativity, but manage risk intelligently (shall you have to apply intelligence in managing AI as well). Hence, people with the talent to do critical, creative and possibility thinking need to step up and solve real challenges. It's a matter of always asking the big WHY question at each iteration of AI, the WHY we need AI is clear- the parameters that AI would need to complete its purpose.

There is the realistic potential for malicious artificial intelligence to wreak havoc on humanity's way of life. Stephen Hawking is advocating policies to prevent malicious AIs from being created, to develop means to detect them early in their development cycle, and to identify and track them after they have acquired a lot of resources. And there is the need to elevate public awareness of upcoming AIs prosperity to mitigate the "storm-the-castle-with-torches-and-pitchforks" response from the human races. Thereof, it takes sound strategies for dealing with inevitable rise of AIs with both opportunity management and risk management.

"Machines don't abuse data, humans do"! Even our perception of time is thought by some to be a limitation of human perceptual ability. Machine intelligence can complement human’s wisdom. In other words, with a different brain structure, we should be able to envision 'forward' as well as remember backward. Paraphrasing Asimov; "any sufficiently advanced technology will appear to be magic". We should prepare ourselves for the magic show once AIs begin evolving, blooming as well as overwhelming.


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