Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Digital Master Tuning XXV: How to Improve Leadership Qualities

Sum up the high quality leader - being great in Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude.

Business and the world becomes over-complex and hyperconnected, leadership effectiveness and qualities needs to be assessed within the context of the organization, not as a stand-alone program. Day by day should be assessed via mind shift - how do they think; positive influence - how do they lead, competence - how do they cultivate capabilities, performance - how do they make continuous delivery, potential - how do they learn & grow, business results - how do they contribute to their business's long term success, and cultural evolution - how do they walk the talk - be the change agent themselves and ultimate digital masters.

Leadership must be anchored to a full professionalism: Also made of personal qualities such as, independent judgment, critical thinking, professionalism and sense of responsibility and balance through which it becomes possible to earn the role of trust and guiding the organization in which they work, the respect and trust of others. and become a value constructor: These are the qualities essential to improve the quality of people's lives and the future of organizations.

Leadership must embrace the multi-dimensional intelligence or ultimate wisdom: The multi-functionality needed today to leaders imposes modern professionals more flexible, less tied to standards. One of the biggest challenges in this complex, multi-polar world is the fact that we need different perspectives, different knowledge and different ways to solve a problem. Sometimes there is not "one" answer: there are some, or many: that is why what is first of all needed is to think as a team. The high quality leadership has the very characteristics such as multi-dimensional intelligence and wisdom.

The principles of developing as a leader  is a continuous process: Improvement of oneself does not only happen in just one day. Every Day you will learn new things and new styles. Becoming a leader is about being a better person, being committed, to yourself, others, growth, and finding that passion to improve every day. Self-fulfillment, well-being and satisfaction become the goals of a genuine positive leadership; that on these coordinates must measure itself in terms of quality -efficiency and effectiveness; agility and maturity. To the leader is given the responsibility and the privilege to be real, true pioneers, which mind all sorts of gaps. But to be so, they have to think and develop an innovative model of productive governance, train their followers as new leaders, listen to their customers as genuine buyers of their work.

Summing up the high quality leader -Being great in Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude -a winning mixture composed of character, intelligence and competence in a humble frame of self-esteem which makes aware of his/her quality without needing to show them. Among the primary tasks of a leader, there is certainly also that to promote the renewal, the generational change. Be aware of the role of change agent as a leader, proactively cultivate the qualities:
-Self awareness and a desire for constant self improvement
-A clear vision,
-Being a creative communicator.
-Having first rate emotional intelligence
-Make effective decision, no procrastination

The leadership of the future must become aware of its own resources, being open to new ideas and input from others is a key skill for any leaders to achieve behavioral strategies effective and have a path of personal and professional improvement. A great preparation, vision, intuition, perseverance and the ability to work hard. But, above all, don't be afraid to take risks and make mistakes, but fail forward to learn with agility.

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