Monday, September 9, 2013

The Purpose of 'Design Thinking' is...

The purpose of design thinking is harness and leverage innovative and creative ideas, through using the synergy of collaboration, to progress initial concepts,  to practical implementations

The purpose of design thinking is ….to think about how to address a problem creatively; to organize & facilitate ideas; to mapping from here to there and the stops and steps in between.

The purpose of design thinking is ….common sense thinking involving real people in the solution; finding the simplest, best value and most agile solution that fits for purpose

The purpose of design thinking is …. customer-centric, agile, and collaborative problem solving driven by 'thinking outside the box' approach, and ensure to look at organization from a 360 degree perspective with a key focus on customers.

The purpose of design thinking is intelligently create systems optimally suited to exploit the environment. Solving the current problem with forward-thinking mindset and approach the problems with long term view.

 The purpose of design thinking is…. to make ‘delightful’ things….from ‘functioning, firm into delight’, it’s a creative ability in your tool box, to transform the novel idea into delightful products/services.

The purpose of design thinking is …to pursue the “art of possible”. Design is empirical like science - But where science starts first with a hypothesis and then tests it with experimentation, design starts with a need and tests the solutions with experimentation. Design decides nothing on the basis of semantic completeness or conceptual neatness. If you cannot afford to fail you cannot apply design techniques alone to solving the problem.

The purpose of 'Design Thinking' is to delight customers and brighten the world!


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