Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Board Director’s Digital Profile VI

The modern corporate board plays an important role to inspire, innovate, improve, interact, interpret, influence, exemplify, and orchestrate change and digital transformation.

With the rapid changes and overwhelming growth of information, running a business today is about being dynamic and having the organizational adaptability to deal with the unexpected without losing sight of the business objectives and priorities. Corporate board as one of the critical top leadership pillars should set the right tone and develop high-quality profiles for exemplifying digital leadership and steering the organization in the right direction.

The digital mind-shaper: The human mind is perhaps one of the most powerful but mysterious things in the universe as they continue to imagine and invent things for changing the world. The fact is that the world now becomes so advanced, complex and dynamic than ever, while certain types of mindsets such as fixed mindset, silo mindset, reactive thinking, linear thinking, extreme thinking, group thinking, or the mind full of conventional thoughts start to lag behind and enlarge the digital leadership gap across the business and our society. In the age of digital transformation, knowledge is only a click away, growth mindset is a strategic imperative for adapting to changes and accelerated mind is needed to continuous improvement and transformation. Change the game is a mindset. With the increasing speed of changes, it is in the BoD’s mindset for adapting to the digital new normal. The advanced board is composed of the heterogeneous directors who are independent and multidimensional thinkers and unbiased communicators; they can bring unique insight and fresh perspective to improve the board's decision effectiveness. The board also sets the leadership tone and make an influence at the corporate scope, as embracing digital requires a change of mindset at every level and an understanding that things cannot stay the same. This is the groundwork that has to be done at all levels prior to initiating major change and driving digital transformation forward. Due to the creative and progressive human nature, from one generation to the next generation, the outdated mindsets and rules continue to be broken down, and the digital mindset and new “rules” get updated to reflect the new age and fit for the new perspectives. The corporate board plays a critical role in setting digital principles for driving digital transformation and pushing the human world forward.

The strategic outlier: The beauty of the digital landscape is the fresh insight into the business. The great digital leaders are visionary outliers who can step out of a conventional thinking box or linear patterns, capture business insight, and be inquisitive to ask “What If & How about.” They encourage people to think differently, engage diverse viewpoints and empower talent to reach their full potential. BoDs are, in fact, in the unique position to practice out-of-the-box-thinking and bring a broader perspective to complement the management’s possible “tunnel vision.” The outlier BoDs are “out of the box” thinkers who can bring the fresh viewpoint and “outside-in” view of businesses, take multi-dimensional lenses to oversee and advise business strategy, and connect the unusual dots for stimulating creativity across the industrial or territorial boundaries. Sometimes organizations go stale, from the boardroom to front line, they need the fresh blood, help to open leadership mindset by understanding the other side of the coin or connecting unusual dots to spark creativity. The different perspectives will also help to mitigate “groupthink” and enable the board better relating to their stakeholders. The outlier board directors can provide excellent feedback which gives the top management constructive feedback to improve and a clarified opinion to contemplate. The value of alternative perspectives and insights say nothing of not trusting, but to improve leadership maturity.

The change agent: With change as digital new normal, every business leader needs to become the change leader including board directors. The Board of Directors is an interactive change agent that represents the organization, stockholders, and senior management. Change leadership at the board level is important because change management is an interdependent ecosystem that includes many business factors such as, the company goals, policies, internal control requirements, customer experience improvements/customer satisfaction, etc., all should be synchronized without compromising the need for any item. The change agent board leaders can provide direction as vision and leadership skills like delegation, decision-making, and monitoring. Change is the new normal and the speed of change is increasing, without the right direction and well-preparation, major changes in an organization’s ecosystem can have unforeseen consequences that negatively impact the company’s productivity and performance. The board directors as “change agents” can ask further skillful questions to scrutinize change effectiveness, especially for large-scale business transformation, help to oversee the business agenda for change and digital transformation. They also must help to set principles, push the change agenda, pull all important business resources to achieve it. Change mechanism has to be woven into communication, process, and action of the organization with the guideline from top leadership and policy setting via the board directorship.

Digital savvy BoDs understand what's required and how as a high-level basis of going digital mean to the business. The modern corporate board as one of the most important leadership pillars in the business plays an important role to inspire, innovate, improve, interact, interpret, influence, exemplify, and orchestrate change and digital transformation.

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