Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The New Book “100 Creativity Ingredients” Quote Collection IV

Creativity is like a muscle; you must exercise it daily or it atrophies.

All humans are born with raw creativity ability. Creativity has many dimensions, with multi-faceted truth and myth, manifold knowledge and multidimensional insight. Here is the set of quotes in the book of “100 Creativity Ingredients.”

68 Creativity is like a muscle; you must exercise it daily or it atrophies.
69 Observation is a critical activity in the innovation process to understand the context of an issue from a human perspective.
70 Creative expanding cannot happen without vision.
71 Imagination is like virtual creativity, formless and intangible.
72 Listening is an important skill to spark creativity and cultivate empathy.
73 The good question is usually open and thought-provoking to bring multifaceted perspectives.
74 Creativity is like the light, the reason we see the light because the “switch” is on and the connection is made.
75 The more mindless the task, the higher probability of subconscious disruption can stimulate creativity.
76 Context is a chain of associations which stimulate creativity.
77 Creativity isn’t necessarily a paint-by-numbers process, more as a “connect-the-dots” adventure.
78 Many creative minds, just like many light bulbs, lit up simultaneously, could lead to brainstorming and breakthrough innovation.
79 Curiosity and a sense of adventure are parts of the creative process, and not necessarily at odds with the word “focus.”
80 Without constructive skepticism, without human progress.  
81 The ultimate aim of assimilating knowledge is to create new ideas or gain wisdom.
82 Creativity is a synthesis of two qualities: imagination and concreteness.
83 Collaboration stimulates creativity and fuels sustainable growth.
84 Creativity flourishes in solitude.
85 Self-reflection is an important stage to diagnose, develop and strengthen your creativity.
86 Prioritization provides a framework for focusing on creativity.
87 Make time and space commitment for things matter, including how to unlock your creativity.
88 Perception shows how deep one can understand an issue or a phenomenon, the mental strength.


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