Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Cohesive Culture

A cohesive culture becomes the way we discover ourselves, do business to delight customers. It is our brand promise.

Culture is the collective mindset, attitude, and behavior. Culture is part passion, part commitment, and part faith. It's the passion and excitement about what we're doing and how we're doing it. It's the synergy of the team, the managers and business leaders. Therefore, a cohesive culture creates team synergy, catalyzes digital transformation and improves overall organizational maturity.

Leadership cohesiveness: True transformational leadership goes beyond the skills of individual leaders or managers to become an institutional capability exhibited in how the senior team demonstrates its commitment to transformation and embeds the transformation capability throughout the organization. Culture is 'established' by those at the top. It is either cultivated by the rest of the company or senior management is at odds with the rest of the company. If the senior managers are actually senior leaders, they are accountable for ensuring that all of the company cultivates a positive and growing culture. It is all about the direction the senior management is looking for and who they feel accountable to. Be humble. Celebrate with the team in their successes, don't take ownership of the success. Be there. Listen and engage employees on both a personal and professional level.

Employee Discovery: A cohesive culture helps people discover who they are, and inspires people to become who they would like to be. Genuinely care about their well-being and their future. The definition of culture is 'The Mindsets, Attitudes, Feelings, Values, and Behaviors that characterize and inform a group and its members' - but ultimately it is WHO you are and not What you do or HOW you do it. By encouraging people to focus on who they are, and pursue the purpose, discovery, autonomy, and mastery, the great culture catalyzes positive mind, attitude, and behaviors; but discourage the negativity and unprofessionalism. At the conversations about culture, we need to remember that it is the policies, procedures, rewards, and retributions that drive and groom advanced minds and good behavior and it is the employee behavior that expresses "culture." Successful culture change helps people become who they are. Culture is the way how we think and do things around here: but HOW you do what you do is a result of your culture - WHO you are. Employees’ discovery and mastery are a journey to developing others at all levels to become leaders and teach them to develop others.

Customer Delight: Digital is the age of customers. Hence, you have to put the customer at the heart of everything that you do as a business - great customer experience management is a differentiator for companies. It also has to be driven by a culture within the company starting at the Board level. You need to believe that, the customer is the lifeline of the business. The good customer experience management is the norm, but exceptional customer service and experience offer the 'WOW' concept as the necessary success factor to ensure you stay ahead of the game, particularly with your peers in the business. Once you have this basic premise right, everything flows naturally and exceptional customer service and WOW moments will be the automatic result. If we promise our customers we will listen and take action, then internally we must act this way as well, and so on. It means doing innovation with the business flexibility to continually exceed customer expectations; bearing in mind that the cycle of exceeded exceptions and feeling of it has shortened. It is now mandatory to do innovation with speed. Not only when they walk into your store, interact with your product and speak to your staff, but also when they get in contact via multiple sales channels. The entire customer journey and experience they have of your brand at each stage needs to be mapped out clearly to be sure that your customer is getting the best service, and that their experience is consistent, on-brand, relevant and refreshing.

A cohesive culture is a foundation to implement strategy effectively. The commitment is that we are all in this together and have our passions focused on a goal with a cohesive leadership to build a cohesive culture. We all succeed together or fail together. It's committing to each other to help, teach and share. Culture becomes the way we discover ourselves, do business to delight customers. It is our brand promise.


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