Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Book “Leadership Master” Quote Collection

A fundamental purpose of leadership is to provide vision and empower change

26 Amplifying digital leadership is not about how loud you can speak, but how profound you can think.

27 Leadership not profound is just like a tree without a root.

28 What has to be enduring, and what will help the leader endure, would be authenticity.

29 The substance of leadership never changes, it’s all about making a positive influence, and providing direction.

30 A fundamental purpose of leadership is to provide vision and empower change.

31 The more gaps a leader can mind, the better and bigger influence she or he can make.

32 The hard core of leadership capabilities strengthens leadership effectiveness and highlights leadership substance.

33 Empathy means using the right language with the right people.

34 The great leaders operate with the core principles: Authenticity, boldness, creativity, simplicity, and speed.

35 The very goals of creating constructive discomfort is to spark creativity by getting out of comfort zone.

36 Culture is like a “tide,” leaders are swimming with or against much of it.

37 A wise leader does not just follow, but discover the path; not just learn, but challenge the convention.

38 If you only had one word to describe leadership, what would it be? “ART.”


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