Friday, July 29, 2016

The “PEARL” Principles to Spark Creativity

Always dig through the thoughts underneath the words, and be authentic of being who you are!

Creativity is the high level of thinking and innovation is the light businesses are pursuing, We all just fumble around from the dark to pursue creativity and chase new ideas. Is there such a magic formula to double or triple of your innovative ability, what’s your principle to follow for living with creativity?

Profundity: Back to the root of the word “profundity,” it means insightful and understanding. The digital ecosystem is dynamic with velocity, it’s important to filling cognitive gaps and spark the fountain of collective creativity via profound thoughts and inclusive culture. However, often at the traditional business setting with restrictive hierarchy, people normally 'close' the boundaries of the system, so that less energy is transferred and, therefore, fewer changes happen in the system, little creativity gets inspired, and the little box called comfort zone turns to become one of the biggest roadblocks for innovation. To keep the digital flow, leadership profundity and wisdom have to be enforced via practicing multidimensional thinking, such as critical thinking and embracing holism and nonlinearity. Innovation effectiveness is dependent on how capable the business can manage changes and keep the digital flow. Because workers now are more educated than what they used to be, they are at least more informed as to what is going on and the changes taking place around them. It is the responsibility of each leader to examine themselves and to make sure they are open to true understanding. Climbing Knowledge-Insight-Wisdom pyramid is an important step in gaining profundity and reach the next level of innovation management maturity.

Excellence: A progressive mind is to make continuous improvement either via creativity or excellence. Achieving excellence is more about “perfecting,” not about “ perfection.” There's a word of difference between the noun 'perfect' with the implication of a 'perfect' entity and the verb 'perfecting,' through progressive problem-solving. The key is striking a balance between opposing forces, each with its own set of pros and cons. Excellence mind can cultivate innovation, but perfectionism may diminish enthusiasm and slows down progress, or leads to analysis paralysis and no endpoint at all. Striving for perfection is an asset to the implementation of an idea while at the same time it is a detriment to the idea's creation. For the works need a certain level of creativity, and whose creations and output do not require precision, you should spend more time on brainstorming, no need for wasting precious time striving for perfection. Instead, good enough, will be and is good enough when bringing innovative, inventive products and services to the marketplace!

Authenticity: Being authentic means to discover “Who You Are,” your inner strength and personal traits. Being original is one of the important characteristics of authenticity because you don’t just blindly follow other people’s opinions or conventional wisdom. You discover and explore your own path. Originality means creative and independent thinking. In other words, make our own mind up, or formulate our own conclusions, or ideas, or expressions. Originality is valuable as authenticity. Original thinking is independent, creative, original, special or different. This world needs more of an original thinker than ever to handle the ever increasing complexities, and organizations need to be able to recognize them not least in order to innovate and adapt. The traits like, character, self-motivation, creativity, uniqueness and confidence can be the indicator of original thinking which is also a trait of being authentic. The organization and our society will become more naturally digital fit with an abundance of authenticity. When digital professional are inspired to discover who they are, their inner genius, and empowered to grow into who they want to be, the negative emotions and unhealthy competitions are discouraged and every member can bring some wisdom to the workplace.

Resilience: There is no innovation without failure. And there is no great leadership without resilience. Digital leaders and professionals must have resilient mindsets in order to adapt to the continuous digital disruptions or unexpected setbacks either in career or personal life. It's the ability to respond to change, dare to be creative when facing difficulties, to recover quickly from setbacks, as well as the capacity to respond to the unexpected in a way that increases gain or minimizes loss. Resilience is about B.O.U.N.C.E. It’s about regaining one's footing which could be bouncing back, forwards or restructuring your life integrating the change in some way that works. It's also about being able to keep working and focusing, even during stress and disturbances, rather than reacting to stressful situations. A person with resilience lives in a grounded and centered place, being flexible and adaptable in the midst of adversity, threat, and stress. It’s an important trait to be an innovator and a digital leader today.

Logic: Creativity and logic seem to be opposite, in fact, it’s not unless you misunderstand logic with conventional wisdom. Logic is not always linear or just blindly following the authority's opinion. Logic is part of the deep universal structure of all languages. More precisely, logic is a PART of language, a deep part of the language that was always there and is discovered by an analysis of language, or doing philosophy of language. And logic can be abstracted across disciplinary domains as well. Logic was discovered, much as we discover mathematical truths. Fundamentally, thoughts, words, and actions, in this order, this is the logical way to be either creative and persuasive. People, even well trained digital professionals or leaders today often confuse the means with the end or substance with style, they need to retool the mind and think in a more logical way.

Creativity is a flow, an abstract and an imagination. You can put creativity in a box and say it's "all just creativity," or you can pull it out of the box and look at it through different lenses. It’s your perception. Set your own principles and practice, practice, and practice more to spur the abundance of creativity.


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