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The magic “I” of CIO sparks many imaginations: Chief information officer, chief infrastructure officer , Chief Integration Officer, chief International officer, Chief Inspiration Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Influence Office etc. The future of CIO is entrepreneur driven, situation oriented, value-added,she or he will take many paradoxical roles: both as business strategist and technology visionary,talent master and effective communicator,savvy business enabler and relentless cost cutter, and transform the business into "Digital Master"!

The future of CIO is digital strategist, global thought leader, and talent master: leading IT to enlighten the customers; enable business success via influence.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brainstorm the Process Revolution: The Art or The Science?

The focal point of the next generation of BPM will be innovation-oriented, customer-centric, GRC enhanced, cloud-based, module-designed, with a broad vision of transforming to the real-time, extensible enterprise.

Economy recession makes business process management a hot spot to grow: software vendors try to repackage themselves as BPM providers; Organizations intend to rejuvenate themselves through BPM solutions. 

Today’s BPM solutions layout the solid foundation to define, automate, control and monitor the business processes to improve the quality and reduce the cost, it intends to build up the responsive enterprise with firm control system tools; However, today’s BPM may not adapt to the new demand and technologies at the new decade in the 21st century.

The future of BPM needs to respond “changes ”more promptly, such as the globalization, the social computing, and the cloud strategy., etc, to transform into the future of enterprise with real-time, extensible, proactive analytical capabilities.

How to REFINE the art of next generation of BPM:

1.Reframe the Enterprise Architecture via Enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools:

People, process, technology are the tangible building blocks for modern enterprise; strategy and culture are the intangible fabric to weave around it, so the future of BPM will:

-Refresh these core business processes to make sure the changes are not only
predicted but also fully prepared;

-Restructure the organizational framework or flowchart to ensure the right people
in the right position at the right time;

-The next generation of BPM will naturally integrate enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools into the software suite, not only implement automation but also enhance the learning as a process, and enable knowledge sharing.

2.Rekindle the Business Innovation via Cloud & Social Computing

The innovation process re-engineering is about nurturing innovation skills, ingraining innovation culture, embracing innovative technology, and developing the updated metrics.

Cloud Computing allows organizations to experiment on new innovative ideas with a limited budget, fast setup, and expand their product or marketing niche to create a new business model and revenue stream with scalability.

By aligning cloud strategy without a cloudy look, an enterprise may reinvent itself as a growth engine, and the purple cash cow.

The process on the fly (the future process) is all about building up the business cloud infrastructure to implement the deep integration of eco-system, with the chance of having agility, modularization, fungibility (cloud standardization).

3.Realign the Business Priority and Enterprise Resources & Supply Chain

How to build up the customer-centric, employee-inspiring culture is the priority for today’s organization.

Unified communication, social computing, and many latest technologies help optimize the supply chain, streamline the enterprise resources, and improve customer service.

The future of BPM will enable MashUp, crowdsourcing abilities :

-Encourage the customers to co-design the products, service, and communities, to share the thought and feedback, to enhance customer responsiveness and satisfaction.

-Inspire the employees to make more contributions, toppling hierarchy barriers, and breakdown the conventional boundary, to encourage the culture of learning and embedded it into the business process and strategy seamlessly.

4.Revitalize the GRC Enforcement

The Great Recession may be partly caused by the failure of effective governance, risk control, and compliance process.

In the post-recession era, the effective questions we may ask to enhance GRC are:
-- How to define more global universal business cases?
-- How to revitalize the regulation change, GRC enforcement into processes?
--How to optimize the process design with advanced analytics and BI capabilities

Today’s BPM still focuses on control and the problem at hand, a tendency toward tunnel vision.

The focal point of the next generation of BPM will be innovation-oriented, customer-centric, GRC enhanced, cloud-based, module-designed, with a broad vision of transforming to the real-time, extensible enterprise.

The Food For Thought: The Spirit of Turkey from Thanksgiving Holiday

Americans consume about 48 million turkeys in Thanksgiving. What exactly can we learn from this elegant, vivid creature:

1.Self-Sacrifice Spirit: turkeys sacrifice their life to make a symbol at human’s holidays, to unify the family and lift our holiday spirit.

2.Self-Respect Attitude: turkeys’ colorful, metallic feather not only offer them survival capability: keep warm and dry, help fly., etc, but also remind us of respect: Appearance are important to self respect and also respect for others.

3.Take advantage of Good Resource & Talent: Turkeys eat nuts, berry, insects., etc, any food available in their immediate terrain, not waste resource and talent

4.Leverage Short Term Goal with Long Term Strategy: Turkeys can fly short distance powerfully, however, they have difficulty to maintain the same energy power with long distance journey, so as human, we can learn to leverage the passion and energy for continuous growth.

5.Symbolize the Renew and Rebirth: Turkeys are bred to grow faster and bigger, it may symbolize the life renewal and growth blossom.

Those may be the reasons the President Franklin Benjamin wanted to name turkey as national bird to replace the eagle.

From Thanksgiving tradition, we may also learn American Indian and pilgrim were sharing the food and culture to celebrate the harvest, the same legacy could be carried on today:

Citizens by birth could learn from citizen by choice: the courage, the new culture, the restless pursuit of new land and exploring the fresh development;

Citizen by choice could learn from citizen by birth: the tradition, the belonging, the value, and the open attitude to welcome the newcomers.

Besides Turkey diner, either you go shopping spree to fill up your handbag, or you chose hanging around in Borders to enjoy free coffee and books to refresh your mind set, the touch point of holiday is truly about lifting up the energy and spirit, hopefully also help blackout the businesses' balance sheet and speed up the economy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Future of Enterprise: Seven Excitement from Enterprise 2.0

The Enterprise 2.0 meeting held last week has not only brought out quite a few of passionate software vendors with their emerging collaboration tools, more importantly, it inspired the imagination about what the future of enterprise looks like: Spider ( still center based environment) or Starfish (more distributed, informal enterprise).

Here are 7 Es to evoke further exploration :

1. Engage –both the employees and customers communication more seamlessly: enterprise 2.0 tools are truly about collaboration and engagement, to stimulate more effective communication cross the boarder, and engender the collective wisdom. It more easily filled up the communication gap between business vs. IT, c-level executive vs. front-line employees, and organization vs. customer or suppliers. The future of enterprise is all about collaborative social business

2. Energize-the innovation and fresh idea everywhere: from product/project management, to human resource management , from supply chain to customer service, the future of enterprise is truly about innovative business

3. Experiment—the new organization infrastructure: beyond the traditional functional department with silo view, the future of enterprise is composed with many mash-up, cross-functional talent teams: HR Center of Excellence (may not just people form HR), BI Center of Excellence (may not just people from IT), Customer Center of Excellence., etc. The new shape of enterprise may not look like pyramid, more weaved as enterprise grid, with both vertical communication and horizontal interaction in more effective fashion.

4. Embed –the business process management and change management into the blood of the enterprise via collaborative enterprise 2.0 tools, BPM is not just the top-down strategy or bottom-up business cases, it’s the daily journey for every employee encircling the organization, the future of enterprise is a progressive business.

5. Empower –the best talent: the visionary architect, the business transformer, the thought leader, the idea conceiver, the customer evangelist, the HR strategist, the sales &marketing genus., etc, enterprise 2.0 tools shake up the traditional performance evaluation, allow each star shine in the sky. The future of enterprise is about talent intelligence, so the future of career path is more approachable like lattice than the ladder.

6. Execute-the strategy and operation with more collaborative and transparent way via open communication tools, with integrated GRC (governance, risk control and compliance) methodology & perspective. The future of enterprise is about executing better, faster and cheaper.

7 Encourage—the learning culture, enterprise 2.0 is about sharing, sharing the knowledge, thought and experience from outside (customer) in to insider (employee) out, then optimize the process, and embrace the change, the future of enterprise is the learning organization.

It may take years for enterprise 2.0 tool to become more mature and cognizant, but the future of enterprise is about there: like the garden in the Spring, to make every plant shining under sunshine, with greener style. Winter is here, Spring is no so far away…

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Western Coffee, Eastern Tea, the Synergy Behind the Culture

“The Empires of the Future will be Empires of the Mind”
Winston Churchill

Like the imagination, culture exchange and encircle the world. Starbucks Coffee is one of the most popular places for “White-Collar” or “Golden-Collar” professional to hang around in downtown, Shang Hai, China; In US, Tea party is an emerging political power to make a big impact in the mid-term election we just experienced last week.

Both coffee and tea are natural made drinks to boost our energy, furthermore, the synergy behind the different cultures may stimulate the most significant activities such education, leadership and economy in the human society through unimaginable way.

Here are some “culture interpretations”:

Culture is an Education Attitude
“ You can see the beauty like jade through the Book; you can find the house of gold in the books” Ancient Chinese Proverb

Education matters

Tea Thinker: Practice, Memorizing and Enforcement are the practical methodologies taken by Easter educators to train students with disciplined mind and structured thinking. Just like tea, sort of bitter, but mostly hands-on to boost kids bottom line;

On the other hand, the overloading homework and error-free, score-dominated learning culture may not allow kids to have enough free time and space to fumble with their own heart or pursuing their own dream.

How to transform from spoon-feeding into swan-cultivating education style?
It may be still the effective question for tea thinker to dig deeper.

Coffee Brainer: Like coffee with enough sweet and cream, Western education style is more sugar-coated: respect kids as unique individual, more interactive, fun, and encourage kids to follow their heart. Philanthropy and volunteerism are embedded into Western education’s DNA. It intends to build up the creative mind.

However, lack of enough practice or standard may not prepare enough kids for the higher horizon; or too much spare time could let kids indulge with overwhelming entertainment only activities, lose focus on hard study and mastering the disciplines.

How to transform the Western free-bird into eagle-training education style?
It might also deserve more discussion.

The future of education will integrate both styles seamlessly (the secret recipe could be: tea cake with coffee cream), to train the well-disciplinary and high-creative mind to fit in the age of globalization.

It is 21st century’s new reality to develop the multi-cultural, multi-dimensional thinking and multi-disciplined talents to execute multi-functional, multi-tasking work via multi-channels to build multi-brands in this multi-polar world.

The best product of education is progress, education is everyone’s business.
The modern education framework will be weaved through the innovate education practitioners (teacher, parents, professor, psychologist, geneticists and many more), the cool gadget and technology, plus the learning oriented social network(beyond today’s entertainment oriented social site), to help both kids and adults to adapt to the fresh collective learning styles.

Culture is a Leadership Brand

Like coffee and tea, the inspiring leadership is truly about engaging and energizing.

Western style is more vocal and idealistic, Eastern style is more logic and practical, these observations may just scratch under the surface.

The stereotyped leadership style in 20th century is male dominated or superwoman leading style; the 21th century will belong to more dynamic, underdog type leadership brand, to reflect the variety of culture and education value, which shapes up the leadership with their unique styles and flavor, to give the voice all over the world

Female leadership has been put to the strategic imperative in many visionary organizations and nations now, here’re some cultural interpretations.

Eastern Tea Thinker:
From Forbes, China produce more female millionaires than any other country in the world, it’s no accident.

“Be independent”, “Women hold up half of the sky” has been embedded into the education system and social value, also instilled into modern workers head and heart naturally in the last half century.

By eradicating vestige of feudalism from history, with affordable and convenient family care services, the well-trained female professionals in China have great advantage to focus on their career development compared to their peers in many other nations. It will be no surprise to see more well-educated Chinese female leaders will cutting edge global mindset and superior capabilities emerging into senior level positions in next decade, to set the fresh examples for Asian females and even become the global role models.

Western Coffee Brainer:
Active, “ forever young“ style female baby-boomers in US have made significant impact in political and commercial center stage in the last couple of decades; Hopefully the first female president is just years away.

Full-time parent by choice is the social phenomenon deserves discussing a bit.
“I am lucky to be a full-time mother”--Many well-educated, middle-class female give up the career path and finance independence to leverage family, many of them also play active roles in charity, school board and community, culturally they still get respected and fulfilled. The flip side is: the loss of female talents has the negative impact in many organizations in the long term, since female professionals and leaders are the natural role model for the children, also take unique position to influence the future workforce generation and move up the human society.

Female leadership need male peer’s support
Either in West or East, it’s a daily manner to see gentleman help lady open the car door or some other small favors, by expanding the same courtesy a bit further, with the same supportive attitude: they could lead talented female professionals onto the top of career ladder or into the boardroom smoothly.

Just like the perfectly blended coffee or tea, the future of leadership is truly about the balance of “ying” and “yang”, the strong governance, and the scientific decision-making scenario based on diversified point of view and cutting-edge technology and process.

Culture is an Economy Prediction

Tea Thinker:
Ancient Chinese use tea leave to predict the future.

Through last two decades of effective leadership, hardworking people and education-enriched culture, China emerges as the second economy and the largest manufacture powerhouse in the world. It surely enhances its thousands of years historic wisdom and culture heritage.

However, how to transform from manufacture 1.0 into 2.0 is the new milestone need be reached for the new decade in the 21st century:.
--From imitating into innovation
--From entrepreneur workshop into global enterprise with scalability
--From cost edge into technology & process edge
--From assembly line factory into talent workshop

As the most populous country in the world, China may set the fair antitype for many developing countries to follow, to reduce global poverty and illiterate.

Coffee Brainer:
If the recently happened finance tsunami was partly caused by monoglot’s mindset with monochromatic vision and the golden gut, the cultural imperative and the right attitude are possibly the silver bullet to rejuvenate the economy.

America’s four powerhouses could take a leadership to manage the new attitude:
Main street need the open attitude to prioritize the strategy, to boost job and house market from bottom up; wall street need cultivate the humanitized and humble attitude to shake up the leadership and finance engine; Silicon Valley need fresh attitude to invent beyond the social network, and Beverley Hill need audacious attitude to inspire the new script super than Superman.

“The Bigger is Better” culture may also inspire the “big gadget” industries such as airline and auto to steal some profit limelight from the little shining apple, actually they did great in the last two quarters, and every vertical industry should share the responsibility via the collective wisdom to not only pull the economy from the bottom, but also boost it up with confidence.

Every individual may also become the culture evangelist to have the new learning attitude, embrace the difference and rekindle the America dream.

May the synergy behind the coffee and tea could boost the US economy.