Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Future of Enterprise: Seven Excitement from Enterprise 2.0

The Enterprise 2.0 meeting held last week has not only brought out quite a few of passionate software vendors with their emerging collaboration tools, more importantly, it inspired the imagination about what the future of enterprise looks like: Spider ( still center based environment) or Starfish (more distributed, informal enterprise).

Here are 7 Es to evoke further exploration :

1. Engage –both the employees and customers communication more seamlessly: enterprise 2.0 tools are truly about collaboration and engagement, to stimulate more effective communication cross the boarder, and engender the collective wisdom. It more easily filled up the communication gap between business vs. IT, c-level executive vs. front-line employees, and organization vs. customer or suppliers. The future of enterprise is all about collaborative social business

2. Energize-the innovation and fresh idea everywhere: from product/project management, to human resource management , from supply chain to customer service, the future of enterprise is truly about innovative business

3. Experiment—the new organization infrastructure: beyond the traditional functional department with silo view, the future of enterprise is composed with many mash-up, cross-functional talent teams: HR Center of Excellence (may not just people form HR), BI Center of Excellence (may not just people from IT), Customer Center of Excellence., etc. The new shape of enterprise may not look like pyramid, more weaved as enterprise grid, with both vertical communication and horizontal interaction in more effective fashion.

4. Embed –the business process management and change management into the blood of the enterprise via collaborative enterprise 2.0 tools, BPM is not just the top-down strategy or bottom-up business cases, it’s the daily journey for every employee encircling the organization, the future of enterprise is a progressive business.

5. Empower –the best talent: the visionary architect, the business transformer, the thought leader, the idea conceiver, the customer evangelist, the HR strategist, the sales &marketing genus., etc, enterprise 2.0 tools shake up the traditional performance evaluation, allow each star shine in the sky. The future of enterprise is about talent intelligence, so the future of career path is more approachable like lattice than the ladder.

6. Execute-the strategy and operation with more collaborative and transparent way via open communication tools, with integrated GRC (governance, risk control and compliance) methodology & perspective. The future of enterprise is about executing better, faster and cheaper.

7 Encourage—the learning culture, enterprise 2.0 is about sharing, sharing the knowledge, thought and experience from outside (customer) in to insider (employee) out, then optimize the process, and embrace the change, the future of enterprise is the learning organization.

It may take years for enterprise 2.0 tool to become more mature and cognizant, but the future of enterprise is about there: like the garden in the Spring, to make every plant shining under sunshine, with greener style. Winter is here, Spring is no so far away…


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