Wednesday, July 19, 2023


Only if you have learned something from those experiences, refinement, and made it part of your inner-self, would your knowledge turn into unique wisdom.

Being innovative is a state of mind: To create a new idea requires not just a single type of thought process, it’s multidimensional thinking; not just one skill, but many; not just casual efforts, but daily practices; not just old experiences, but new perspectives. Be aware and engaged with both the inner world of thoughts, feelings, choices, and the exterior world of interactions, synergies, experiences. 

Isn’t blogging a creative way to express professionally and amplify professional influence continuously. Isn’t it a tough journey to celebrate 11,300 blog postings - to pursue the digital way of brainstorming, innovating and sharing.

It’s crucial to keep thoughts flowing, talent growing, and creative energy glowing; it is the flow that casts its glow, sparkling a radiance all around: Blogging is a creative activity to brainstorm, share interdisciplinary knowledge, and convey wisdom. Either individually or collectively, contemporary leaders and professionals today need to become more self-driven, vibrant, creative, ambidextrous, and above all, thrive in the sea of changes proactively. At a high level of professionalism, people are not only experts in their own domain, fluent in producing great outcomes, but also becoming more influential on coaching, guiding others to release creative energy.

It’s important to keep learning, innovating, and practicing on a daily basis for developing professional competency: Blogging is an ongoing journey of thinking, articulating, brainstorming, and innovating, leading to greater self-development and "self-generated" engagement, ultimately .Being innovative is a state of mind. The interactive logic of the inner and exterior world develops innovativeness. There are common personality traits such as self-confidence, motivation, reflection, pattern thinking, learning plasticity, resilience to become innovative. 

It’s great to create many idea streams, innovation reservoirs, keep flowing, keep opening, keep cleansing, keep developing, for merging into the wisdom sea: it’s critical to be inclusive, influential, with intellectual curiosity to reimagine possibilities and orchestrate innovation world-widely. Only in an open trusting space, creativity can flow smoothly and innovation can be catalyzed effortlessly. It is an accepted thumb rule of rewarding people which motivates them to join and engage, create and share ideas. Blogging constantly and going deeper is truly about thinking beyond the surface and breaking through conventional wisdom. Going one inch deeper, the leadership can increase its impact significantly.

Being innovative takes practice, practice, and practice more. True wisdom is definitely related to insight, experience, expertise via constantly learning. Only if you have learned something from those experiences, refinement, and made it part of your inner-self, would your knowledge turn into unique wisdom.


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