Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Future of IT

The future of IT is more about the intangible information fabric (Cloud, Social, Mobil Computing, analytics) interwoven into your organization.

IT organization is transforming from the infrastructure warehouse into the IT innovation powerhouse, from an application factory into the IT supply chain central hub, from an internal customer’s help desk into business customers (both internal & external) enabled strategic partner, from a back-office cost center to the empowered rainmaker upon the Cloud. What are the trends of the future of IT and how to improve IT effectiveness, agility, and maturity?

Future of IT – Highly innovative and capable: IT is no longer just the tangible hardware boxes (those are heading into the commodity), the future of IT is more about the intangible information fabric (Cloud, Social, Mobil Computing, analytics) interwoven into your organization, IT needs to be transformed from an infrastructure to integration, and then to innovation services, Cloud just creates the right wind to converge the business and technology, though it may take time to mature, the future of IT is an innovation solution provider to help organizations deliver the best-tailored products or solutions to its end customers.

Future of IT -Business value added: The true IT value is hard to derive from support services since measuring productivity can be elusive and difficult to quantify. CIOs should understand the business first, otherwise, it is challenging to link the dot between business and IT. Once you show and demonstrate to the other CxOs that you understand the business, they will respect you and give you authority, power, and influence in executive decision-making. To become value-added CIOs, Cloudification should become a strategic priority since it provides the unprecedented opportunity for IT to become the agile business partner, not only blueprint but also architect the true agile enterprise & networked (extended) organization as well.

Future of IT - Customer -centric: The CIO is not only just the relentless cost cutter, but also the delighted customer evangelist, not only the dedicated IT manager but also the visionary business leader, she or he is the skillful diplomat with an entrepreneurial mindset, to execute the best IT practice both at the tactical level and strategic level.

The next level of IT leader is leading by example and influence, understand nature and use it to her own advantage, lead the organization and the world effortless –to practice the Tao of IT leadership.


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