Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Plum Blossom Symbolize the Spirit of Spring Festival

If  New Year's day is the time to self-reflection and make resolution, then Lunar Near Year's day, or Spring Festival could be the time to refresh and re-imagine:

2012 is the Year of the Dragon, which is a legendary creature considered to be sublimely auspicious: a symbol of power, health and happiness. The dragon is often shown clutching a pearl -- a symbol of supernatural powers -- and accompanied by swirling thunder, lightning and rain. Balanced dragon-energy is free-spirited, creative, confident, passionate and courageous.   
Plum blossom, the flower symbol of Spring Festival, means the hope, the passion, the harmony, the prosperity and tranquility. Early plum, or winter sweeter, also called plum wax or wax flower, a bloom mostly at snow flying day, want to reward bloom until the snow coming.
There’re many classic poems to convey the plum as a token of friendship, uniqueness, to spend more without the attitude, full of snow spirit. “the Spray of Spring”.
EarlyPlum --Wang an shi
Corner a few sticks of plum, see the spirit of independence flowing, blossom to experience the cold alone. Remote is not snow, as the subtle fragrance to open the Spring.
Plum with Snow
Plum with a few early snows, painting the lone style is difficult. The aroma emanate with rhyme, make me feel no cold. Listen to flute with oblique look. Wind, such as interpreter and easy to move. 
Plum flower --Yu Xin Tang
 The twelfth lunar month and a half year has felt plum Lanna. Do not believe the show, and all to see snow. Moving ice hanging off the tree, branch high shot cold. If I had known but not seek, I really regret the feeling alone.
Seeking Plum Blossom in Snow Tang Xiao Gang
 Never be surprised Plum late, struggle to catch a glimpse of the snow. Visible under the low branches, height far difficult to understand. All shame unfortunately exposed, wrist, waist and lean phase to give way. Must also be cut mining, at the present to find the branches two or three.
 Painting a Plum -Li Fang Ying
 Plum this day is not there bud, rotating universe is a painter. Pen not the end of the Spring play, East West, painted flowers with spirit of freedom
Plum-loving hymn: Lin Jiangxian
Flower lover's hearts have been growing lazy, plum-loving still around the village. first Spring break scene coming . Much less to spend attitude, the whole spirit of snow. Left to the empty mountains with beauty, for the drainage of the sentence and fresh bamboo,  with river, hill, and clouds. Not recalled in the muddy drunk, return on the long-lasting evening.
Best wish for the year of 2012,  with the Spring Festival Couplets:
Everlasting peace year after year, a bountiful harvest this year to next!


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