Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leadership Innovation: 7 Game-Change Mind Sets for the Future of Leadership

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function “
F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Today’s downturn economy, accelerated globalization, energy shortage and many other uncertainties make the world become a complex, unpredictable macro-environment ever.

The future of leader may have to play “the Big Brain Game”, see through the problems with many different angles, and solve the problems with all possible alternative steps and solutions, more counting on the collective wisdom rather than a dominance voice or absolute right or wrong answers.

The silver bullet in digitized global world is innovation.

1.Be Authentic
Only through the truth, do we come to grace. The value proposition for tomorrow’s leader would be authentic, unique and diversified. Being authentic also means to inspire innovation, to become the change agent, and to make positive influence.

An authentic way to stand out is to have a point of view.

2.Pursuit the Life Purpose Greater than Self
In today’s world of “Pull”, wikipedia and web 2.0 technologies provide unprecedented opportunities for any individual to build up a strong professional and personal brand, and become the leader in his or her own domain.

3.Curiosity Imperatives
Curiosity is a critical piece of raw intelligence, curiosity may even keep people look younger, think fresher and act more flexible. Curiosity is the original drive to motivate people explore broader, learn deeper and help us step out of comfort zone and achieve bigger. Curiosity nurtures the lifetime learner and creative thinker.

4.Cross-Boundary Leadership
The world has been interwovened through the internet and the latest technologies, cross-boundary  such as cross-cultural, cross-industrial, cross-functional leadership innovation  is becoming the new normal, the new leadership is a bridge to connect cognizant difference, engage the diversified talent and reframe the new business model.

5.Unconventional Thinkers
To be unconventional is to be strategic; to be strategic is to be innovative and beyond; the future of leaders need cultivate 4 “I”s (Insight, Imagination, Innovation and Improvement); From Sunzi 36 stratagems to poetry of Tagore “Stray Bird”, multi-cultural wisdom is the hotbed to be unconventional

6.Ask Effective Questions
The question about future is more critical than an answer about yesterday. If today’s executives try to answer and micromanage the short-term concerns, tomorrow’s leaders would more focus on asking the effective questions to lead the future, and draw others into solutions.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

7.Add Some Fresh Styles
Fashion fades, but style lives: entrepreneur’s spirit, the green lover,  or a global mindset are more than welcomed, no matter which color is your parachute, the beauty of diversity would be essential to the future of leadership.

The management of previous generation have brought authority, idealism and efficiency, sometimes hierarchy, greedy and arrogance, their philosophy might be the game of “WIN”; then the future of leader could be more open, colorful and collaborate, The nature of leadership is more about pursuing the life call of purpose,  to lead through influence.

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