Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seven Pillars of Wisdom to Enchant Cloud

This March in Bay Area is truly cloudy, full of raining, plus, it kicked off the annual Cloud Connect conference event, to make the cloud enchanting than ever.

I am Cloud evangelist, participated this cloud show four years on the row, this year it's surely reaching the tipping point: about 100 vendors standing on the cloud, and no vacancy to listen to the keynote speech, cloud has been transformed from the buzz word into the essential phenomena, and Cloudification is on the right path leading into the Cloudeconomy.

Unlike the last couple of year’s show, most of players are SAAS model, try to scratch the cloudy skin, this year, cloud become thicker and multi-dimensional, not only you see many IAAS and PAAS players, but also blue elephant players such as IBM and HP, and virtual tiger player like VMware are eager to climb into the cloud.

Cloud becomes the mainstream, besides what we defined cloud as SAAS, IAAS and PAAS, and more specifically, there’re seven pillars of wisdom to enchant the cloud:
1.Security as Cloud Service

2.Data Infrastructure as Cloud Service

3.Storage & Network as Cloud Service

4.Agile Platform as Cloud Service

5.Performance Analytics as Cloud Service

6.Cloud Brokerage as Service

7.Application Software as Service

This year’s theme is hybrid Cloud, most of the vendors would like to define their cloud hybrid. Well, I think the most important thing is not just treat Cloud as the fashion promotion, more essentially, Cloud is becoming the most invisible but powerful framework to deliver the agile enterprise and help us reinvent many legacy industries and organizations.

Cloud as a sustainable innovation, will be embraced by both fresh startup and industry giant, to create the new dynamic solutions from every IT perspective.

Cloud as a disruptive innovation, may get resisted by those conservatives, finally it will help simplify the software licenses hassles, create new business model and deliver the value at real time.

In summary, Cloud will enchant not only the technology, but also the business vision, and nurture the next generation of leadership, it could become one of the enchantments to win back growth from the recession.

Last but not least, there’re two improvements could be made in this phenomenal show:
1)The show has been hosted on 3/8, the international women holiday, however, there’s no female keynote speaker invited to make a splash.

2)Surely more BI Cloud vendors could be invited to the show to make the Cloud more “brainer”.


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