Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Modern EA’s Value Propositions

 EA  should play the bridge role between business and technology, the goal is to share the knowledge and recognize the optimization point.

In the blog:, we pointed out some 20th century EA’s crucial problems such as lack of clear definition, lack of prioritization and lower level of maturity; ivory tower approach, fragmentation, and over-complexity. After being through a variety of valuable forums and case study, we conclude EA needs to be revitalized to reflect the new identity and become the competitive asset at the digital era in 21st century, to deliver the true values, embrace the latest digital technology trends such as social/mobile/cloud, and lead the business into more radical digital transformation. The modern EA could deliver the following value propositions and beyond:

1. Strategy Communication Tool

Strategy Architecture blueprint the vision, mission, the goal, identify the enterprise capabilities and unique value chain, EA needs to be more dynamic to define both the long term vision and short term change facing in the organization. More importantly, EA needs to cultivate loyal internal users such as CXO, to use EA as a true communication tool, either for an elevator speech or the board level presentation.

2. Orchestrate the Change Management

The social enterprise is the new theme in the digital era: Modern enterprises take a hybrid approach, to integrate traditional centralized pyramid shape structure and decentralized lattice style through enterprise social platform, focus on communication, open leadership, and innovation. An effective EA effort will help:

 -Identify the talent needed in order to achieve its strategic objectives, also the talent needs to be developed and maintained on an ongoing basis.

-Become part of the organization’s operating model, assess organizational awareness and competencies periodically, to facilitate knowledge sharing, to drive change management and cultural influence.

3. Compass to Transformation

The subset of EA, such as IT Architecture should become the framework for CIO to build up the IT roadmap, focus on business transformation, to digitize and simplify the end-to-end process, not IT details, keep simple and standardized, but also recognize the technology trend and well-describe how IT and the latest technology could drive business value: not only think about today, but also selectively forget yesterday, and forward-looking tomorrow.

·  Rapid, effective and positive response to business change
·  Orchestrate process and knowledge management for better future-state planning
·  Democratize and unify business and technology decision-maker scenario

4. Connect Optimization Point from Project to Organization

EA still should play the bridge role between business and technology, the goal is to share the knowledge and recognize the optimization point, and expand the process optimization from project to organization base:
- Improve business agility via consolidation, rationalization, modernization, reusability, simplification, and optimization
-Drive value and cost-efficiency via the current platform and optimized process
-Increase economies of scale through standards.

5. Business Governance

As we indefatigably debated, for those industry leaders or laggards, is EA the cause or effect, part of problems or solutions?EA is planning, governance, and innovation function that enables the organization to progress toward its vision of future states, governance should play a critical role in  EA, however,  for the majority of the organization, EA governance is just too theoretic and intangible to make it a reality, in more detail, EA governance will:

·        Define and Manage Architecture Risks & Risk Control
·        Decision Making Governance
·        Works with a program and project Governance context to  ensure the realization of EA Vision and Enterprise Solution
·        Review and Audit Solutions

6. EA Benchmarking

From an ROI perspective, EA benchmarking could have an immediate impact by setting up the performance report card and track EA best practice:
·  Set up an EA performance measurement program to link to overall performance management
·   Track EA Program Maturity and Perceptions
·    EA Best Practice ROI: such as EA team can provide the business with cost comparisons of different project approaches
·    Forecast the impact of cost avoidance


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