Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cloud with the Chance of Nature Wins

Sky is like the infinite canvas, sometimes, cloud flow and print the art on it, now cloud computing also shape the business society, make a big impact on the new realm of digitization.

Cloud is growing bigger, according to the reputable consulting company’s report,  81% of businesses are either planning,  in early or advanced stages of experimentation or already have full-on cloud implementations. Cloud is the timely transformative technology which helps businesses become more agile, improve processes, and deliver the cost-effectiveness.

Don’t let Cloud pass you by, when we watch the cloud in the sky, we have some expectation, the wind, the rain, the snow, the iceberg,  same as cloud computing, it will bring some strategic nature wins:  

1.   Agile Winds

As lightly cloudy Summer sky brings up the breeze to soothe our feelings and lift up our spirit, the cloud computing will blow the agile winds to reshape the organization with flexibility and scalability, easy to provision, faster to market, cloud is not only the application delivery platform on the fly, but also the efficient mechanism for creating the instant on infrastructure. Cloud adoption is quickly shifting from a competitive advantage to an operational necessity.

Cloud also transforms the CapEx to OpEx, it provides business no matter big or small the new flexibility to take advantage of the latest technology,  to build up the competent capacity with elasticity and agility.

2. Green Rains

Like Spring rain to nurture the land and sprout the green, the cloud computing, based on virtualization,  brings up the energy efficiency, improve the hardware utilization, network reliability, and reduce the carbon footprint, cloud becomes the sustainable technology not only improve business’s bottom line, but also turns green to be the new gold. 

 The natural economies of cloud enforce utilization and smoothing of inevitable workload peaks and troughs, do improve the greater energy efficiency, cloud is also the new solution to help re-designing the data center, and  re-imagine the IT, for the long run, the virtualization and cloud computing do inspire the new hardware design with energy efficiency, increase flexibility, responsibility and manageability, to help build up the more sustainable, also more cost-effective business and to framework the wired enterprise without wire. 

 3 Brain Storms   

As nature storms influence the productivity and our daily life, the cloud-based social computing create brainstorms to make impact on culture and human society.

Like cloud blurs the sky, cloud computings blurs the industrial boundaries and geographic boundaries as well. The infusion of social software capabilities through the enterprise provides the powerful platform to engage employees, connect with partners and customers, to co-create the knowledge stream, to share the thoughts and wisdoms, to wash out the negative rules, to extend information value chain, to amplify the customers’ voice and to inter-connect the better world.

4.      Big Data Shower              

 Like the nature cloud full of water will pour out the shower upon the earth, the online conversations and  applications create exponential data and information which we call the Big Data, the cloud saturated with Big data may also deliver the big data shower, means both opportunities and risks, the opportunity means radical customization, the constant experimentation, and new business model creation, but security and compliance are the potential pitfalls we also need well prepare for.

Like the nature power of shower, big data shower also has big volume, velocity and viability, the organization need capture and analyze big data, because the traditional monolithic data warehouse is no longer efficient enough to bring up the business insight, even the hindsight is not valid enough, since  in today’s rapidly changing environment, history may not repeat itself so often, and only the real time big data can shape our vision and gain foresight for what we should do next,

5.      Innovation Flakes

Like snow flakes whitening the earth, innovation flakes brighten the world, and cloud computing may become the dynamic incubator to turn routine businesses into innovation magic house, because it now takes only fraction of time and cost to try and fail with new ideas, the failure is no longer the fatal pain, it becomes an option for business to learn, grow, try and improve.

For forward-looking business, cloud computing also provides effective platform for open innovation in business design, strategy and marketing experiment, customer communication and talent management, the proven innovation then replicate and scale up to benefit larger base of users with speed.

  6.  Creative Destruction Thunders & Lightening

Like nature thunders and lightening to warn the coming storms, the Cloud computing also signal the age of radical digitization: more creative destructions are on the way to re-imagine IT, business and our personal life, such as E-Book destruct the traditional paper book business, smart phone and mobile computing is destructing the pc, and cloud is destructing the legacy business/IT infrastructure and service.

More radically, Cloud destructs the old way to do the things, inspire the fresh thinking and new communication style, destructs the silo functions, and integrate the business processes into more holistic business management seamlessly.   

7. ICE (Intelligent Consumer Electronic) Bergs

Cloud with the chance of iceberg! The Consumerization of IT, which means many smart personal computing devices such as smart phone, tablet, netbook, e-reader., etc, connected into the cloud, and ascendance of mobile becomes the dominant cloud platform for human interactions both within enterprise and with customers, partners and personal life.
The convergence of smart device with Cloud has transformed our society into the more radical digital age, the whole world get more inter-connected via the Cloud.

Not all Clouds are created equal, pay more attention to the dark cloud on the silver lining, the pitfalls when you jump in, but also, don’t just watch over the cloud and forget to reap the harvest.  


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