Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cloud Expo Theme: 3-D Cloud-From Vision to Implementation

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, being agile is strategic imperative for any size of organizations, cloud is just such a timely technology and methodology to install agile wings for organization.

As Cloud Evangelist, I’ve been participated cloud computing events about five years on the row, this year, from Cloud Connect to Cloud Slam, then this week, headed into Cloud Expo: cloud is truly growing bigger, full of energy, if it’s not too crowed yet.

Compared to last couple of years, Cloud computing has transformed from stage of technology vision into today’s strategic planning and implementation, the conference well articulate the new characteristics of post-digital IT through the tactical roadmap and collective best practices.

1. The DNA of Cloud Computing

·        Orchestration: All things are connected through Cloud
Instead of very specific technology, cloud computing is more about the omnipresent, interwoven fabric to connect all things into internet, based on virtualization, but not limited to it, it’s also about inter-connection, to converge enterprise IT with consumerization of IT, to modernize data center, to orchestrate the interoperability cross multiple platforms, applications and breakdown the silo functions and data, to transform business from ad hoc into harmony. 

·        Agility: Cheaper, better and faster can be the true DNA of Cloud
In today’s rapidly changing business environment, being agile is strategic imperative for any size of organizations, cloud is just such a timely technology and methodology to install agile wings for organization. Cloud accelerates IT transformation from monolithic infrastructure into mosaic design, adapt to light weight SAAS application, to bypass heavy-weight software package, faster provision, elastic to scale up,  automate back office , simplify and standardize IT services and delivery with speed. 

·        Culture Evolution: Change is DNA of Cloud
Cloud not only deliver the hard wins to improve organization’s bottom line, but also unleash the business potential through sharing the idea & data, connecting innovation dots with collaborative tools, growing leadership through reshaping the talent pipeline. Cloud washes the outdated culture, and empower the change management effort with right mindset, technology and methodology.

2. 3-D Cloud On the Way:  IAAS & PAAS are new Strength
If in last couple of years, SAAS-Software As A Service is the beauty on the surface of the cloud, this year, Cloud becomes the three-D picture with better vision of its internal strength: IAAS-Infrastructure As A Service and PAAS-Platform As A Service have built up the solid framework and gain momentum through key vendors alliance and standard enforcement, variety of user cases shape up the roadmap and share the best practices.

IAAS and PAAS service transformation will revitalize IT from the maintenance cost center into value added growth center, by deploying menu of service choices and self service portal, IT can empower internal IT development environment with agility, also provide business the flexibility and availability to consume IT resources as needed, and manage & deliver IT service with better visibility and transparency.

3. The Big Data Footprint In the Cloud

Big data, those unstructured data from social platform, mobile and RFID smart devices are expanding its big footprint surround the cloud, are they the big opportunities or big risks, the big strategy or big distraction? The advanced analytics tools, many of them are cloud based, intent to capture the big data insight, amplifying customers’ voices and perceive future of products & services.

Those new emerging vendors & tools also intent to incorporate external big data with internal performance data to complement existing capacity with the new capability, compared to traditional tools, they are more agile, specialized, easy to use and faster to experiment & further employments.  

4. Security, Security, Security
Security is the old story with new theme in the cloud, today’s organization is beyond its own physical boundary, extends into borderless digital edge, the tradition security solutions may not sufficient enough to protect business asset at cloud era, and security & privacy are still the biggest barrier for organizations to jump into the cloud and reap the benefit.

However, Cloud computing may also provide the new lens for both vendors and businesses to review and improve their security strategy and methodology, less stick to “control”:  the mentality grew under the corporate firewall; more focus on policy enforcement and governance capability, to embed end to end security ability into business processes more seamlessly, to enhance trust in this “always connected world”.

Either security for the cloud or cloud based security, the new emerging technology will always blend the proven protection disciplines such as confidentiality, authentication, availability, integrity with the new style of flexibility and resilience.

In summary, Cloud becomes the new normal, with many chances to win big; cloud adopters may no longer be the pioneers, they are surely the mainstream players, to exchange the collective wisdoms and co-create the next generation of IT.


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The article on Cloud Expo's theme, "3-D Cloud: From Vision to Implementation," underscores the dynamic evolution of cloud technology, from conceptualization to real-world application. This theme resonates strongly with the web hosting industry, as it highlights the continuous innovation and adaptation required to provide robust hosting solutions in the ever-changing cloud landscape. Embracing this vision is pivotal for web hosting providers, as it guides them towards effective implementation strategies that meet the evolving demands of their clients.

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