Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three “Art of Winning” Lessons from 84th Oscar Academy Award

Annual Oscar may not just impress us with red carpet elegance or stunning fashion style, quintessentially it’s an event to share the historical footprint of film industry: from black & white to full of color; from silent to voice, from automation to animation, from flat to 3D, from booming to struggling, from tragedy to happiness, the progressive journey well blend the art with the science, it’s artists’ dream and movie fan’s fiesta.

Here are three lessons we can learn from 84th Oscar Award last weekend:

1. Meryl Streep –Performance Excellence

Meryl Streep got her third Oscar trophy for “Iron Lady”, as she humored: half of Americans may complain: it’s her, again! Well, as the other half, we would say, she deserve it, because of her masterful acting skill beyond style and her intelligence well integrated with the character she played.

  • Be Authentic
“Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.”   Meryl Streep

Even acting need be authentic, no matter which career we may take or leadership role we play, 80/20 rule is the same: 80% percent is substance, and 20 percent is style, is being authentic with great attitude to bridge the difference the secret source for Meryl’s success?

  • Character Shapes Characters
“For me, clothes are kind of character; I don't follow fashion or understand trends.”
Meryl Streep

Her character may decide the success of the characters she played,  no mater Iron Lady or other characters, Meryl  is pursuing optimum, if not perfection, all accessories are component of character, shall not become distraction.

  • Hollywood Matures
America doesn't reward people of my age, either in day-to-day life or for their performances.”  Meryl Streep

 Well, Meryl may need revise her quote after winning on Sunday night, it’s great phenomenon to see matured movie industry to reward many matured artists.  How does film industry reach even higher-level maturity?

2. Art is Ageless, Colorless, Borderless, Speechless, Timeless & Endless

  • The 82-year-old Christopher Plummer is the oldest or at least one of the oldest Oscar winners, he won best supporting actor at “Beginners”, will golden trophy lead the new beginning for him? will he become the golden role model for golden age seniors? Age won’t stop you from improving, the attitude does. Modern Oscar is ageless and timeless.

  • Octavia Spencer: the best supporting actress winner said that the one thing that can make her speechless is "winning an Oscar”, well, Oscar could be also colorless and speechless.

  • French actor Jean Dujardin was awarded best actor for his role in "The Artist" at the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday, it may also symbolize the art is border-less.

3. The Artists Select “The Artist” as a Winner

Winning the Academy Award for Best Picture was “The Artist,”a silent film about the death of silent films. And Michel Hazanavicius, the movie director released a statement:
"The Artist was made as a love letter to cinema, and grew out of my (and all of my cast and crew’s) admiration and respect for movies throughout history”

“The Artist” is the main theme of 84th Oscar, no wonder the artists in Hollywood selected“The Artist”, like any other legacy industries, movie industry has its own pains and joys, up & downs, the old models or technologies were disrupted by new ones, but the dream continue to be pursued by artists one generation by the other.

Movies are condensed world and amplified life, with many great lessons we can learn.


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