Saturday, June 2, 2012

From Rocket Science to Parable: Highlight is the Key

One of the big stories in last couple weeks are SpaceX  finished its journey to International Space Station successfully.

Dragon is flying, it makes me think about a little parable: there was a famous painter long time ago, with a reputation of his talent and vivid, lifelike picture. One day, he was traveling, painted four dragons on the wall, but did not draw the eyes. People felt it strange, and asked him why he didn’t draw the eyes, he said: “The eyes are the key of the Dragon, painted eyes, the dragon will fly away”. People didn’t believe what he said, so he picked up a brush, highlighted the eyes on the two dragons, immediately thunder and lightning, the two flew to the sky. Weather it’s a true story or not, people show respect and admiration for the painter.

So what’s rocket science and the parable in common: Highlight is the key, to make dragon flying away,  it means to stay focus on:

  1. Wildly Important Business Goals.

The rocket science is still one of the most complex, but inspiring disciplines to attract many young businesses to dream and experiment, as one of the most adventurous, emerging industries, their goal may not be to maximize shareholder’s value, it’s more about to shape human’s big dream, reduce the risks and open the new chapter of Earth’s outer orbit economy. By focusing on these goals, the SpaceX made history as its Dragon spacecraft successfully docked with ISS..

  1. Key Business Process
Actually SpaceX launching was not going so smoothly. The mission, which as suffered several months of delays, just like that painters in Parable: at last moment, he highlighted the dragon’s eyes; the scientists and staff may took the last period of time to re-check and test the key processes, hardware and software, to highlight the key to let Dragon spacecraft fly successfully;

3. Building Up High Performance Talent Team

 The talented painter is a master,  not only be good at the technique skills of art, but can uniquely capture the spirit of dragon. The team to launch SpaceX should be also very talent, bright and intelligent. No matter it’s science or art, the skyrocket ship or modern business management, the writing or speech, imagination need be blended with knowledge, and inspiration need meet with planning and focus.

Though the parable didn’t tell weather the flying dragons came back or not. The real story has a good ending: after a successful trip to the ISS, the spaceX Dragon craft de-coupled from the station and descended towards the Pacific Ocean smoothly on 5/31.  


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