Sunday, September 16, 2012

CIO’s Top Ten Turn -Around Challenges: IT From Cost Center to Value Center

 1. Strategic IT: IT becomes truly strategic partner and integral part of the business, CIO has a seat to co-create business strategies, setting and leading the strategic direction, ensuring that the tactical solutions to fit business needs, and IT is at the right track to execute them well.

2. Change IT DNA: With the new and disruptive technologies, CIOs need to change IT DNA. IT is neither luxury nor commodity, it's the competitive differentiator. No more dictating technology solutions,  but having a better understanding of the business and transforming into a business partner to provide business/customer driven solutions.

  1. Balance all kinds of relationships and increase the status of IT department. Coordinating with the business to leverage Information Services & Technologies 

  1. IT Service Effectiveness & Efficiency: Deliver the right Information Service at the right time for the right price. Executing with unmatched quality, on-time & on-budget with quality first; CIO is driving IT leadership in business to ensure the organization is having sustainable global profitable growth with the adoption of right IT innovation & technology at right time in a cost-effective way.

  1. Two- Speed Agility - or ability to react quickly. The pressures on a CIO are splitting his/her head in two. One side requires predictable outcomes; the other side requires fleetness of foot. Maybe a two-speed organization design is an answer- digital speed and industry speed.
 6. Project Priority: CIOs need to work on the right things, not all things. at today's business uncertainty, juggling priorities is part and parcel of any leader's role, but with so many equally important priorities being touted, IT consumerization, cloud computing, mobile, Big Data, BPM, sustainability  etc., doing more with innovation, practice good principle such as simplicity is ultimate sophistication., etc. those need be kept in the CIO's mind for long run

  1. Talent Strategy: Modern IT Execs talent management practice to help leaders beat the coming global talent tsunami and prepare for impending health benefit shifts that may be converging with other IT talent concerns: How to make people happy? How to grow a shared culture? How to share a vision? How to empower people? 

  1. Risk Intelligence & Agile IT governance: IT needs to become the key driver for business risk intelligence, to balance business growth opportunities and GRC/security disciplines. Changes continue to push in with expedited speed, the governance is not about saying no to business, more about how to harness the change via agile governance, statistically,  the industry leaders cross-sectors deliver better EBITDA due to higher mature risk intelligence & discipline.

  1. Improve Overall IT Maturity/IT Project Success Rate: IT needs to use repeatable best practices to get to the level of competency needed to be competitive and then sustain that level, increase IT project success rate, middle to senior management need be held accountable for staying on top of these areas, to make business agile, flexible, elastic and resilient.

  1. ROI to Measure IT Effectiveness: The right set of ROIs are the best way to demonstrate the value of IT, to make IT investment more transparent and measurable, to create the synergy and differentiated capability for the business growth.  


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