Thursday, January 10, 2013

BPM Crystal Ball: Is Future of Process “Cloud” or “Cloudy”

Business & IT processes need be more integrated: IT is business and business’s IT.

New Year crystal ball has fallen down and business & technology forecast is right on, is future of process up to the cloud or looks cloudy?

1. BPM will move to the Cloud. And new emphasis is on business process as a service (BPaaS) as a replacement in many cases for on-premise BPM.

  1. Cloud-based Processes flow cross the boundaries. Processes span cross departments, cross organizations, cross countries, cross continents. These scenarios are naturally solved by BPM solutions that are on the Cloud.

  1. The Cloud SaaS BPM & Workflow solutions will get bigger, faster and cheaper and more and more organizations will adopt and implement workflow & business process automation solutions.

  1. Old packaged BPM solutions are cloudy: One size doesn’t fit all, packaged BPM solutions will find it hard to survive. Business processes are not cookie cutters and cannot be packaged and sold to all organizations alike. Selling one size- fitting all solution to the world is not the answer. What people need is an open BPM & workflow solution that can easily be customized to their specific process.

  1. BPM need become more easier to use: BPM will continue to assimilate more and more features of the case management, social and collaboration functionality to stay afloat. Once considering a PROCESS as a definition of an outcome (defined as such and monitored in the BPMS) rather than a flow-diagram, and business performers can both create and improve them without a BPM expert, then BPMS may actually deserve that name. Today most approaches and products should be called Process Managed Applications (PMA).

  1. “SMAC”K the old industrial process & mindset, shape new digital capabilities:  Social BPM, mobile BPM, cloud-based process--Process as a Service (BPaaS), and Big Data feedback loop into process., etc. will continue to instill new energy in BPM arena, and organizations will reap what it sows, more mature processes will underpin business's digital capabilities

  1. Self-Service organization: This will change the way operations are designed and executed. People will have the power to do it by themselves. Consumerization of technology trend also let enterprise users do work more seamlessly. People that work in the companies will step by step master work and process, and don't need someone from the outside to teach them how to use it. Users can customize design, implement, change and redesign out business process according to independent need. But this can be “cloudy” news for some software providers; it can also be bad news for the implementers. Business model will need to be changed because companies will slowly not buy any more professional services for process design purposes.

  1. BPM Wonderland: Customer Experience: How to optimize customer experience is one of main focuses for many customer-centric businesses, how to digitalize every customer touch point, how to integrate multi-channel customer services and manage customer life cycle management, it takes process optimization and innovation

  1. Social BPM  Embraces outside-in Enterprise Architecture: Social BPM refines micro-process to better integrate with macro-process. People-centric Process is refined via converging business’s social layer, organizational layer, and technology layer seamlessly. More social process is designed to allow end customers and partners to co-develop business solution or co-create innovative ideas, the systems design would center on outside-in architecture, emergent social dynamics.

  1. Business & IT processes need be more integrated: IT is business and business’s IT. IT has to learn what business already knows: you have to fix the root cause of problems and not try to compensate downstream. Business process automation is the key in IT as it is in the lines of business; and business needs to start demanding that IT get its own processes in order.


Thanks to mobile technology, an enterprise can do business with their employees AND customers all over the world, no matter where that person is physically located. This is bringing people together like never before because you don't even have to be at your desk to be connected. Social BPM makes people the center of your processes.

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