Saturday, May 18, 2013

Leadership Sparkle: Motivation vs. Inspiration

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman  --Vincent Peale

Motivation and inspiration both are feeling encoded. You don't get motivated or inspired without feeling it, as their validity is on the perception of individuality. But, what's the difference between motivating and inspiring? And between feeling motivated and feeling inspired?

  1. Motivation is EXTERNAL and inspiration is INTERNAL 
  1. Motivation is the personal needs for each one and it is different according to personality and culture; while inspiration is for ideas and principles which lead to major changes and actions 
  1. Motivation is at the ground level and immediate. It can be either the carrot or the stick. Inspiration is at the 30,000-foot level. It involves a bigger perspective and a longer range view. It sees the future. 
  1. Motivated has two elements of push and pull factor. You are motivated to move away from something because it is painful and also move towards something which is inspiring. Inspiration is something that elicits an awe or admiration that can also motivate you to action. So, inspiration is the pull factor in the continuum of motivation.      
  2. Motivation is the additional urge to get something done; inspiration is a notch up from motivation because it's the urge to do something significantly different and with heart! 
  1. The only one who can motivate you is you. You have to have the desire and be willing to challenge yourself to be all you can be. A strong leader can inspire you and leads to motivation to take action or change. 
  1. Motivation and inspiration are received from two distinctly different sources. Motivation comes from a cheerleader, a dynamic speaker, a coach on the field, or an even a reward of some kind. Inspiration is In-Spired or In-Spirit and absolutely comes from a power greater than yourself.  How do you know the difference? Once you experience being truly In-Spirit, you won’t have to ask. You will know. 

  1. Motivation is to drive action; inspiration is to provoke deep thinking first; motivation may take incentive; while inspiration takes vision; motivation is to push ahead while inspiration is to pull up; motivation is to compete to win; while inspiration is to reflect who you are, compete for uniqueness. 
  1. Motivation is not a feeling but describes the trajectory of a behavior. As such motivation can be understood and influenced using behavioral principles. Inspiration is a feeling that is more transient and much harder to influence. 
  1. Fear is an effective motivator but only for a short run. As soon as you remove the threat the motivation is removed as well. True leaders don't lead by fear but rather by respect. Mutual respect goes both ways up-and-down the ladder. Inspiration creates synergy in strengthening positive thinking and influencing, An inspirational leaders can build trust through the empathic message and exemplary actions. 


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