Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Are We Entering the Digital Inquisitiveness Era?

The Age of Inquisitiveness Stimulates Imagination; Amplifies Influence and Accelerates Improvement.

We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of digital age, the path to the next level of innovation, also the era of confusion and information overload. Can we participate peacefully, look forward optimistically and engage constructively for mutual benefit? Are we entering the inquisitiveness era to stimulate imagination momentarily?

Clearly, the human imagination has proved itself appropriate for the task of providing sustainable scientific and engineering solutions to what we use, for what purpose, and how we go about obtaining what we require. We have a world with ever-increasing instantaneous communication and hyper-inter-connectivity. We have geopolitical groupings at every point on the spectrum between enlightenment and suppression. We may not be in the era of enlightenment yet, but are we entering the era of digital inquisitiveness:  As it’s the time to connect, to learn, to explore, and to experience our commonalities, and appreciate our uniqueness; as it is the time to tremendous awakening toward "inquisitiveness" with cross-cultural sharing via technology and inner insights if given to allow that to blossom.

Will it be the beginning of the end, or the end of the new beginning of diversity of economy, values, culture, languages, thought, with the result of diminishing or accelerating creativity and invention?... It is true: deserts, mountain ranges, and oceans will no longer be the walls to the cognizance of the diversity that have been the gene banks and engines of human creativity and invention. Because, the natural barriers that separated the world's societies have disappeared, thanks to technology. Are we on the way to unify the best of the best; recognize originality from mass, shift the old way of thinking, or simply blend the best or worst into monoculture?

Are we on the right path leading enlightenment which is an absolute freedom of thought from any dogma, and open-mindedness to any new or old knowledge/experience? With another side of the enlightenment which is about appreciation of every human being, our humanity - how well our social life is organized to fulfill individual development and overcome common mankind challenges?

Are we entering the era of learning, inquisitiveness, openness, universal happiness, and collective wisdom?  Are we "satisfied" with progress and embrace the better and prosperous New Year with a positive theme?


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