Thursday, January 30, 2014

The 900th Blog to Ring in the Year of Digital Horse --- Are We Turning the New Page of Human Progress?

May the Year of 'Digital Horse' Accelerate the New Level of Human Progress!

The world is entering the lunar New Year-The Year of Horse today, a wood horse or a digital horse. The spirit of horse is recognized as energy, authenticity, charm, progress, and intelligence, to be able to make efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and capable. Ancient people liked to designate a talent as 'Qian Li Ma' -a horse that covers a thousand miles effortlessly. As our society has progressed from agricultural to industrial to digital era, will the year of Horse lead us to the new page of human progress?

Global empathy: More and more technology makes connections easier, faster and reliable and people- as global citizens can play a significant role in the process of societal transformation. Through the power of technology, people are coming together and exchanging ideas and views on solving the common problems of the world. Although there will always be disagreement, this new medium of communications is building empathy between peoples which will hopefully take us to a better level of global understanding, and provide solutions that improve the material and emotional well being of all the citizens of the planet.

Freedom and liberty, the best society that we can hope for is one where there are more individual, group, and collective management processes that facilitate the development of the citizens and facilitate the functioning or the collectivity, more delight and less pain; more wisdom and less fool;  more freedom and liberty. This implies acceptance and tolerance. Freedom implies that the environment facilitates the development of individuals and groups. Liberty implies that individual and groups will self-restrain so that other individuals and group can also develop. Freedom of mind precedes all other freedoms.

Positive: So do you want to change the world or do you just see problems? If the problems or negativity are all you see then you're part of the problem. Want to be part of the solution? Then stop focusing on the problem and focus on the solutions. There will be more than one. Positive attitude lifts the world. That's why, if you want to change in the world, then you have to start with yourself. If you want peace in the world and justice in the world, then you must act accordingly to yourself. You have to feel peaceful and you have to feel safe. Again, you can't give what you don't have. 

Balance. Success requires balance, balance creates harmony, harmony catalyzes progress, the societal progress is made through the balance of diversified viewpoints, creativity and discipline; opportunity and risk; individualism and team; democracy and unification; science and art; spirit and reality; intuition and analytics. Through such balance of viewpoint, that the process of co-creation, an inclusive and democratic form of decision-making, can positively affect how cities are designed, how policies are defined, how business are run and how the so-called global village can benefit through the outcomes from social inclusion to environmental issues

Peace, Love and Wisdom. Any conscientious intellectual should possessed the mission of “to find the heart between Heaven and Earth;
To search the destiny for ordinary people;
To sustain the cherished tradition and knowledge for the coming generations;
To establish the everlasting peace for the world.” 
- Philosopher Chang Zai

May we all have a prosperous and progressive Year of Horse!


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