Thursday, January 20, 2011

“Thought Leadership” is the Evergreen Theme in the new Decade

Food for Thought in John.F.Kennedy Inaugural Address Day Anniversary

If we can not end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.
J.F. Kennedy.

You could learn something everyday from Google’s daily logo, today is President John. F Kennedy Inaugural Address Day 50-year anniversary, three days ago, we just celebrated Dr. Martin. Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the two political leaders living in the same era made significant influence to improve human society.

Dr. King “I have a dream” speech advocated the basic civic right, built the foundation of democracy and America Dream, and President J.F. Kennedy’s inaugural address and “Go To Moon” speech lifted the America dream to explore the space and beyond. These two great thought leaders set bright tone for us to follow.

Half century later, in this new decade of 21st century, we need weave and enhance the both men’ dreams into the new reality. And the thought leadership is the true color for any authentic leaders in any domain, at every corner of world in any time.

What is exactly the thought leadership in this post Great Recession turning point:
1.Thought leaders should be the authentic leader who always have unique point of view.

2.Thought leaders should make the voice for as many diversified groups as possible.

3.Thought leaders should lead by influencing than status quo.

4.Thought leaders inspire the vision via power of mind and blueprint of character.

5.Thought leaders convey the dreams, innovations and future of life via dreaming big.

6.Thought leaders make progressive improvement via continue life learning.

7.Global thought leaders make global influence via cultural intelligence, linguistic articulation and diversified point of view.

We need the men who can dream of things that never were and not ask why.
John. F. Kennedy.

Like Dr. King’s dream, president Kennedy’s “Go to Moon” journey is not the final destination yet, the other thought leader Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin group is transforming this “dreaming project” into the commercial space transportation business, that may open the brand new chapter for the space exploration and the evoke the new inspiration for the future of airline.


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