Thursday, February 3, 2011

The New Year, New Phenomena to Celebrate the Year of Golden Rabbit

May you live in the interesting times! Chinese Proverb

Well, hopefully 2011 is the turning point for us to see the light via the recession tunnel we’ve just been through in the last couple of years, it’s more about the inspiring times than the interesting times. There’re quite a few new phenomenal events happened at the first month of the 2011:

Community Event: The consulting company Trianz hosted the career open house in Tech Mart Santa Clara, CA last week, it’s truly a great effort and initiative to rekindle our passion about the opportunity in this tech land, it’s been quite a couple of years since we saw any career fair in convention center, well, more than a decade ago, the same place is just like talent supermarket, full of dynamic and hope.

National event: President Obama outlined the “how to win the future” union address speech, also make the job creation as his number #1 priority to accelerate the economic growth out of the recession.

Global event: Davos 2011 World Economic forum brings worldwide business leaders and professors to discuss the global risks, competitiveness, digital ecosystem convergence cross-industry domain, and the optimistic perspective on the 2011 global agenda.

Today, Feb. 3 also celebrate the Chinese lunar new year spring festival, and start the Year of Golden Rabbit, what we can learn from the rabbit:

1.The rabbit is the lucky sign to symbolize the peace, agility, and patience, the opposite of the tiger, wish the rabbit brings a year in which we can catch our breath and calm our nerves. From global perspective, we should more understand and respect the world disparity, and share the social responsibility between the developed and emerging economies.

2.The rabbit is the symbol of the Moon, The Moon is YIN, signifying magic, the diversified leadership; the bright white moonlight instill us with fearlessness, love and courage, to not only strengthen our inner "Chi" energy, but also bring wisdom into our life.

3.The times rabbits are most often seen is during early dawn hours or at evening dusk. These are times when the visible becomes invisible and the invisible becomes visible. In this post-recession era with unusual uncertainty, we may always catch the insight, study the patterns, both keep optimistic and be cautious.

May the year of rabbit becomes the infection point to accelerate the economy growth, reenergize ourselves with hope, nurture the next generation of leadership, also may golden rabbit brings us the peace, love, and prosperity.


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