Friday, December 23, 2011

Creativity Manifesto

Creativity is a Beautiful Phenomenon!

Creativity is the Ability to Create Novel Value, Creative Mind is defined as Originator;

All humans are born with Raw Creativity Ability, but not all Creativities are Created equal;

Creativity needs a Problem, and Creative Person needs a Purpose;

Creativity is infused with an Inner Cohesion, and comes from a Vision of Uniqueness;

Creative Person’s Spirit and Soul Dance with Passion and Imagination;             

Creativity has many Dimensions, with Multi-faceted Truth & Myth and Manifold Knowledge;

Creativity Muscle needs to be Strengthened, and Creativity Excellence needs to be Cultivated;

Creativity adds Signature or Aesthetic that Elevates Passion to Purpose and Fancy to Enchantment;

Creativity needs Encouragement as Food, and Conflict to Spark it;

Creativity is Wings of our Mind, Creative Destruction could be  New Year's Guiding Style!                     


Thank you Pearl.
Those are pearls of wisdom indeed

Hi, "Annette, thanks for the comment, may the creativity via the collective wisdom keep inspiring in the new year. thanks

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