Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a Wonderful Hybrid World

Physical world is converging with virtual space; machine thinking is converging with human intelligence, working environment  

season is the time for blessing and prediction! There’re quite many interesting lyrics written to predict the future recently: from the future of economy to future of technology, from future of retailer to future of airline, from future of food to future of life style, people all over the world are brainstorming the future together,  real life and virtual space are crafting the synergy to perceive the wonderful world.

 What a wonderful hybrid world! The future is here, it’s beyond the holiday lullaby :

Physical world is converging with virtual space; machine thinking is converging with human intelligence, working environment  is converging with personal life style; hard-science STEM discipline is converging with soft science.

1.Hybrid Workforce

      Social business is perceived as the future of business, what is the essential of social business? It’s the hybrid, networked, extended modern working environment, the social computing technology enables the more seamless virtual platform,  enhance the physical organization structure, empower workforce sharing the thoughts and ideas, engage customers and partners to voice the concerns and feedback, and encourage the broader conversation and interaction with its business eco-system and social value chain.
What a wonderful hybrid workforce: from diversified leadership to dynamic talents, social business cultivates the distinctive capability to adapt to changes, and inspire the innovations.

2. Hybrid Cloud

 Cloud future is not cloudy! From public cloud to private cloud, from community cloud to all things connected, hybrid cloud is the better choice for many organizations to embrace the cloud base solution.

Hybrid cloud has the agility for business to provision faster, go to market rapidly, transform CAPEX into OPEX, also leverage the security and governance concerns.

3. Hybrid Energy

The future of energy is the hot topic all over the world, energy crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing the whole human society, the question about what are the most promising alternative energy attracts thousands of comments, biofuel, solar,  nature gas or wind mill., etc, shall we let a thousand energy flower blossom?

What a wonderful world with those hybrid energy solution! The future is already  here, airlines powered by hybrid fuel, the hybrid car becomes the new fashion, the criteria of promising clean energy is: the technological maturity, the demand of commercial customer or consumer, the scalability and availability of supply chain.

To add a bit noise for holiday season, here is the holy Grail of hybrid world:
Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way,
Let our mind fly, let business thrive,
let 3-D cloud flow, let 3D talent grow,
 let our environment green, let water clean,
Let kids smile, let fresh idea jumpstart,
What a wonderful better world!


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