Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seeing is Believing: From Big Data to Big Picture

Seeing is believing, one picture is worth a thousand words, all being said, Big Data need be painted into Big Picture, to capture big insight.

In order to create an effective visualization, business need to understand the meaning of data, after taking 5W+1H navigation, and using five senses to make sense of data, now, are you ready to move Big Data to the next level, from science to art, from common sense to unconventional wisdom, from black & white to full color spectrum?

And the right set of tools will make work more enjoyable, according to 2012 InformationWeek Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management Survey. Nearly half (45%) of the 414 respondents to the poll, which was conducted late last year, cited "ease-of-use challenges with complex software/less-technically savvy employees" as the second-biggest barrier to adopting BI/analytics products. That was just behind the biggest barrier, "data quality problems," cited by 46% or respondents.

 From data visualization to advanced data visualization, it’s not only about more advanced, easy-to-use visualized tools, but also about advanced data talent, they are artist, story teller, poet, anthropologist, historian, philosopher, and they  happen to be data scientist too  -the data analyst who lives in California or beyond,  with open mindset in designing, building, and using interactive, fluid, dynamic, and even three-dimensional visualization.

Like artist, they master the visual design elements, such as line, form, shape, and color, with principles like balance and variety, to make a visualization more vivid and customized for trends and comparisons. A piece of fine art does have both deep meaning and elegant style. 

Seeing is believing! Advanced Data visualization will provide better features such as:

  • A Single Screen Shot:  one can fit tens of thousands (an order of-magnitude difference) of data points onto a single screen.

  • Visual Querying : relatively easily visualize and identify a pattern or click on a portion of graph or chart,  then quickly zoom in to research the details;

  • Multi-dimensional linking & Chart: you can select one chart, via dynamic link, you can navigate into other charts . An extra axis in space, alongside an existing one or in a new direction (for a 3D chart), can also be useful for showing new variables
  • Personalization. The visualization tool is easy to use with personalized design, also addressing privacy and risk issues. You can give power users more in-depth view, and the view depend on one’s position, job requirement and role-base access privileges. 

  • Humanization: To get value from big data. Especially those "deep and broad data sets”, you must add contextual information and place analytical capability in the hands of those who need it, taken from the world of bits and bytes and converted into real insight & foresight for real businesspeople.
It takes sense and sensitivity to transform Big Data into Big picture, it’s not illusion, but illustration, to capture big insight from our big busyness world and small mankind world, always keep customers in mind, keep business purpose in mind, keep long term perspective in mind; but also open mind to be bold, creative and colorful.


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