Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 15 Advices for New Leaders

“Believe half of what you see, nothing that you hear, and everything you feel." - Nick C. Ciccone

  1. Understand yourself! Your values, beliefs, fears, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, styles, habits. Remember who you are; what you are; and what you are there for; Have confidence in yourself, the decisions you make, and the actions you do.

  1. Respect the people you have power on and people will have respect for the power you were given on them. Respect the opinion of others on your team, do not have any hidden agendas and know that you don't have all the answers. You have to 'walk the talk'.

  1. Have big ears and a small mouth. Listen first, advice afterward. It is listening and learning how you can best help the people you lead. After you have listened and have input, Create dialogues. be transparent, describe the value of what you have learned and demonstrate how you USE their input by taking ACTIONS that achieve value for the team.

  1. The key to successful leadership is an influence, not authority! Don't let the position go to your head; rank and position in most cases are artificial....  Lead like a leader, but also lead to understanding, compromise, creativity, and kindness.

  1. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. -Stephen Covey: Believe in but also manifest in your actions with a passion for the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

  1. Build a vision, share it with inspiration: Listen and understand the mechanism of change, be fair and honest, work with your people, identify the earlier adopters and opinion leaders.

  1. Be the ultimate communicator! Communicate your expectations, vision, ideas, progress, reporting, your appreciation, etc., the true essence of leadership is the trust, honesty, integrity and consistency to followers. 
  1. Focus on getting the team together first: Learn to value your opposite type, because those viewpoints also are inside you. Be humble. Be discerning. Learn to set boundaries in a positive way. And seek balance, because therein lies the power to increase the effectiveness of your strengths.

  1. Make fair judgment: Leverage information, analyze and synthesize accordingly. “Believe half of what you see, nothing that you hear, and everything you feel." - Nick C. Ciccone

  1. Don't try to fix everything at once: Often new leaders rush in to fix things or introduce new ideas or concepts without investing time to understand how and why things work as they do. You have the job to lead, so demonstrate it by being a good listener.

  1. Learn to delegate responsibilities and push for the progress:. When you delegate, delegate authority and responsibility. Put trust in your team in the way that you would want to be trusted. They won't always do things the way you would have done them, but that's ok - there are multiple right answers. 
  1. A great leader takes more than his share of the blame and less than his share of the credit. “The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves."               -- Lao Tzu 
  1. Be ready to accept that you will make a lot of mistakes: This is normal, but the important thing is to learn from them. you can learn a lot also from your people and try to put yourself in the others shoes when you make decisions 
  1. It's not about timescale but rather a frame of mind. Not being afraid to fail is a liberating experience for new leaders. Be confident and humble at the same time; be optimistic and cautious at the same time. Believe in yourself, believe in others, live it, and enjoy it. 
  1. Ensure a clear direction: communicate, act and measure:
    1). Establish your objectives for the organization, department, or group
    2). Communicate those objectives and ensure they are understood by everyone
    3). Measure results against those objectives 


The new leaders should have ten qualities below:
  • Vision:   Larger than themselves, and than the moment 
  • Passion: Able to inspire people. Leaders get people to set a new standard for themselves
  • Trustworthiness: They keep their word;  
  • Empathy: Perceive things via multiple angles;
  • Flexibility: change on a dime to deal with problems 
  • Exemplarity: They hold themselves to a higher standard than anyone else 
  • Insight: They go deeper.  They attract and drive: they don’t push, they pull,
  • Self-awareness: they step outside of themselves, can modulate, and become stronger and can lead more effectively 
  • Presence: they are not in their head, living somewhere else 

New Leader’s Seven-Step Scenario:
1) - Be who you are and what you are
2) - Listen to what your team has to say, value what your team does.
3) - Foster an open communication channel
4) - Focus on the objectives and facilitate changes that bring improvements
5) - Make S.M.A.R.T decisions
6) - Coach, develop and empower your team
7) - If one method does not work, try something new!


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