Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Ultimate Purpose of Leadership in One Word & Sentence

"Be the change you want to see in the world." -- Gandhi, Mahatma

1. Vision: The purpose of leadership is to envision the future of business & society; empower the talent people, and enable the change & transformation. 

2. Value-driven: Be sincere and follow / lead your vision with character, humility & conviction.

3. Influence: Lead and be led by empowering and influencing the people around you. Provide a sense of hope! Make the positive influence to push the human world forward.

  1. Mission: Define a mission, create a shared vision and execute toward collaborative success 
  1. Change: The purpose of leadership is about driving the change, coping with change; and leading toward transformation. 
  1. Persuasion: Have the credibility, presence, communications skills to tell it and be listened; and seduce followers to get them to be the willing, convinced builders who convert the vision in a reality that accomplishes its purpose. 
  1. Effectiveness: Building ecosystem effectiveness! Establish vision and purpose and drive people to unlock their best potential for results. 
  1. Navigation: The purpose of great leadership is like light tower, navigate enterprise or society toward the right direction, guide through, not necessarily walk through 
  1. Balance: A corporate leader has to balance the fulfillment of the commitments to all of these important entities associated with the business. 
  1. Accomplishment: The Ultimate purpose of a leader, a good leader, is to achieve a successful closure to the task he/she is entrusted with.


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