Friday, July 19, 2013

Seven IT Leadership Principles

Lead, don't just manage!

  1. Lead, don't just manage! Management is about execution while leadership is about change, specifically influencing others to change. Leading through influence is critical. 

  2. First People – Then Process – Then Technology in that order. Develop and nurture a high-performing IT team.. Strive to be leaner and more business-focused. 

  3. Create a vision for how IT will build or support company success: If IT function does not go beyond mere order-taking, it's not adding value. High mature IT will drive business growth.

  1. Listen, listen, listen and listen some more. IT folks need to listen more. IT is first and foremost about serving the customer. Develop an IT culture of customer service. Communicate IT performance in business-relevant language. IT resources have to be focused on providing excellent customer services and customer expectations need to be clearly understood and monitored regularly. 

  2. Never stop managing IT risks. Foster a governance process to ensure key stakeholders have input into planning, allocation, and commitment of resources. CIOs must understand the fundamentals of the environment and engage key decision makers and stakeholders on their terms. 

  3. Educate, integrate and engage the business on what the IT team is and will be doing: Never abdicate your responsibility for your company’s technology - it's amazing how many business folks don't have a clue about IT.
  1. Measure IT in business terms: "Do not just measure the cost of IT but all the return that it provides." Companies that invest heavily in IT should be careful at analyzing the costs associated with this investment as the savings are often buried within the operational side of the business.


Very nicely done! Kudos for recognizing that people are the make it or break it, the driving force of change. The best tool is the one that gets used!

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