Sunday, August 25, 2013

Innovation: Abundance of Human Potential

Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential. -Peace Pilgrim

The brainstorming of human potential can be understood as a process of continuous discovery. Just like we have not yet explored enough to understand the cosmos, so the discovery of what it means to be alive and to be human is an ongoing process. A High-Potential Mind: The Abundance of Human Potential 

How to unleash the abundance of human potential is perhaps one of the best rewarding arenas for humanity.

  1. Human potential is limitless: And the best way to go on discovering what we are capable of doing is by following on our insights, intuitions, and imagination while at the same time keeping our feet firmly on the ground.  There is no limit to human potential; however, it’s the individual, culture, circumstances, and society that sets a limit on that unlimited potential.  
  1. Everyone is entitled to their interpretation of the world. One valid measurement of that interpretation is what individual life it creates for the person who holds it. Does that vision of the world enable the person to be positive, healthy, balanced, and a productive contributor in the larger society? Or does it make one unable to tolerate other people's points of view? We make the world and our life in our own image. 
  1. Human potential is really a myth. Not only there's known upon unknown, also unknown upon the unknown. There are physical potential, intellectual potential, and spiritual potential. Though education may unlock part of intellectual potential, it might shut off certain raw intelligence or 'sub-conscious' understanding. From an evolutionary perspective, this is what we humans have always done and will continue doing – exploring our minds and bodies for the latent powers inherent in our genes. Based on the talents and skills one has been given, is the person able to live an authentic life and make the biggest contribution to society according to their specific gifts and passions?  
  1. Human potential is singular as well as plural. Does the reference to "human potential" begin and end with one individual? Or does it encompass collective potential? Individuals need to step outside the box and challenge perception, push themselves to the limit, their limit. It is only when all individuals challenge themselves and then come together as a group will we see real human potential achieved. As a society, we need to respect and encourage change, difference, and uniqueness. It is only then we will see 'Human potential' really show itself. 
  1. Individual potential is interwoven into societal potential The discovery of the human nature opens a mental window in our psyche to dormant attributes we didn’t know existed. Individual potential is interwoven into societal potential: As individuals, the challenge is to transcend the perceived limitations and make the most of the gifts we are given. As a society, we should be striving to create an environment that is egalitarian enough so every individual has, at least, the opportunity to actualize their potential, What had been previously thought impossible is now accepted as possible, as a new benchmark by which to measure other activities is assimilated into our collective consciousness. 
  1. Human potential is bottom-up, upwardly and outwardly-expanding process. There’re seven dimensions & plus to unleash it:

1).A life vision - the master plan, your passion,
2). Wishes and desires - peel the layers back on your vision to get more details,
3). Goals - tangible plans with time frames,
4). Networking - find the people to help you accomplish your goals,
5). Experience - gain new experiences that lead in the direction you want to go,
6). Skills - build new skills, again in the direction you want to go,
7). Physical resources - gather (produce?) the resources to make it happen.

  1. Human potential is unlimited, the more you use, the abundance it becomes;
         Human potential is like Spring Water, the deeper you dig, the more it flows;
         Human potential is like Flower Seeds; the more you sow, the more you harvest;
        To Discover your true potential, is to soar as an eagle, and beyond.


Going somewhere?
Plan your flight. Fly your plan.

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