Friday, March 14, 2014

Agile Quality Attributes

Agility in working software and business system is more future-focused.

From doing Agile to being Agile, businesses are following agile principles and  pursuing high quality result it may bring to the organizations, as agility in working software is an aggregation of following quality attributes:

  • Readability -Clarity, Understandability, Comprehensibility 
  • Usability - Human factors, Documentation Simplicity: Aesthetics, Consistency 

  • Reliability - Frequency/severity of failure, Recoverability, Predictability, Accuracy, Mean time to failure, Securability 
  • Performance - Speed, Efficiency, Resource consumption, Throughput, Response time 
  • Supportability -Extensibility, Testability,  Debugability, Adaptability, Maintainability, Compatibility, Configurability, Serviceability, Installability, Localizability, Portability 
  • Modifiability - Resilient to change; Coupling + Encapsulation; Cohesion + Loose, Sustainability.   
  • Producibility- Scalability, Deployability: How often you are going to be able to produce it, and how easy you can scale it, if needed 
Agility in working software is more future-focused. That near-term concerns (such as Usability) will take care of themselves but deliberate time & energy are required to support a long-term view. And Agile focus has more dimensions, by looking through these dimensions more closely, organizations can form its own formula to improve the quality factors best fit is own need and achieve high performance result.


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