Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Enterprise ‘Social’ Strategy

 Digital enterprise needs to have a holistic 'social' strategy to meld communication and context for better collaboration

Digital enterprise is organic and living; social and mobile; always on and hyper-connected; Being social doesn’t just mean to use the consumer social network, a high mature digital enterprise needs to have a holistic social strategy, to diagnose the current issues such as silo thinking and functional process; or lack of culture of innovation, then set up the social guideline and take coherent action for building a truly digital business.

 Social Challenges New generations of social technologies—when coupled with clear vision, good planning, and effective execution—have the potential to change the way business is done. It is the optimal ways to encourage participation. However, one of the biggest challenges of social technology is how to manage or curate the volume and variety of artifacts that workers create using social tools 

Social guideline: Enterprises that diagnose what’s wrong with internal collaboration and prescribe a many-to-many cure are trying to weave social networking into the Information fabric in a complementary way. They are also working on the organizational aspects of creating incentives, reengineering processes, and using analytics to make the information flows relevant to specific groups and individuals. This approach promises three advantages: (1) a creative place to work, and (2) a means of creating context, a significant component of knowledge sharing that’s historically been lacking. (3) the social functionality to users in their familiar application environments

Essential privacy and security rules, appropriate to the enterprise, being understood, and reinforced. There are trade-offs because the more that people share relevant information, the greater the benefit. However, some information is confidential and privileged, and the boundaries need to be set in advance. Social technology trials could be an opportunity to update the privacy rules and reconsider how the risk landscape is changing. Explore social discovery and identify the social network(s) relevant to accomplishing the selected business objective.

Social Action #1: Build Social Hub. Social technology has the potential to address several perennial goals for enhanced, more efficient collaboration and effective communication in a flexible and low-cost way. One approach is to create social hubs. These solutions pull activity and event information from enterprise applications into the social technology platform to create a central hub for collaborative, task-based, and social activities. Enterprise builds the enhanced integration capabilities to support connections and interactions between individuals and communities, between individuals and information assets, and to facilitate enterprise activities in all of their possible combinations. The rise and advance of enterprise social technologies have the potential to dramatically alter the business information landscape and the organization’s ability to more effectively leverage corporate data and information

Social Action #2: Meld communication and context for better collaboration. Context creates relevance, aligns social technology’s strengths with the way people learn today. The true value of enterprise social computing will come from bringing data, content, and people together in the context of business activities. Context is not just a general-purpose content management effort or a knowledge management effort. Social enterprise tools do meld communication and context for better collaboration, which is where the focus should be. The approach and style must synchronize to the realities of social technology and to the organization that the value in social technology will be in the effectiveness of information integration and pattern identification.

Enterprise social strategy is the integral component of the business digital strategy, and it will navigate business’s digital journey via collaboration, innovation and synchronization.


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