Saturday, February 6, 2016

Building a High-Mature Digital Organization

High mature digital organizations have high-level digital capabilities and high-innovative business environment.

Digital makes a profound impact on businesses across industrial sectors, from specific functions to the business as a whole; the purpose of such radical digitalization is to make a significant difference in the overall levels of customer centricity and achieve high performing business result. But how to build a high-mature digital organization which has the multitude of digital capability to achieve long-term business prosperity than their less digitally mature competitors? Or to put simply, how to build a "Digital Master" philosophically, strategically, and methodologically?

Building a High-Mature Digital Organization

  • How to Build a High-Mature Organization: An organization or company may be in business for many years, but has not matured its management practices or lack of well-defined sets of business principles. Most of the organizations stick to the lower level of maturity mode (reactive, inside-out, and operational driven), how can they move up the maturity level to become truly proactive and outside-in, more culture intelligent and people-centric?

  • Digital Master Chapter IX: Digital Maturity: High mature digital organizations have the high-level digital capability not only to build digital innovations but also to drive enterprise-wide transformation. They have to stretch out in every business dimension for driving the full-fledged digital transformation, and they benefit from their actions.

  • Digital IT Maturity: Digital means customer-centric business. Digital IT should add more strategic advantages, not just a support function, and IT strategy is an integral component of business strategy, as more often than not, technology is the driver for business innovation. The trend of IT consumerization indeed provides unprecedented opportunities for IT to get more touch base with end customers, to empower employees as well. IT acts more like an ‘orchestrator,’ to conduct an information-mature, customer-centric digital organizations, IT maturity directly makes an impact on the organizational maturity. Here are five aspects of digital IT maturity.

  • Five Aspects of Wisdom in the Workplace  People spend significant time in the workplace. However, statistically, more than two-thirds of employees don’t feel engaged, what’re the negative feeling employees have, but they might never tell their managers? How to build a highly engaging, highly innovative and high productive working environment? How would you describe the wisdom in the workplace?

  • Three Characteristics of Digital Organizations.  Digital organizations are hyper-connected and interdependent, they need to be agile and innovative in order to adapt to the “VUCA” digital new normals. With the fast pace of changes and emerging digital technologies such as “SMAC,” companies large or small are also brainstorming and experimenting the next generation of organizational structure design, to improve employees’ engagement, productivity, as well as creativity across the enterprise ecosystem. So what are the important characteristics of digital organizations in from the organizational design and business innovation perspective?

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