Monday, February 15, 2016

Three Elements to Fuel Creativity

Creativity is the #1 skill needed in the digital age.

Creativity is simply openness to finding connections between ideas, things, people, experience., etc, and making literally something new from existing things. Creative thinking is the way to look at the “old” problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions. Every forward thinking organization is eager to build a creative workplace, but what are important elements to catalyze creativity, how can you recognize and empower your most creative people and build a culture of creativity?

Passion: Passion enables determination, creativity, strategy, and talent. If you do not have the passion for what you do, determination, creativity, talent, and strategy become HARD WORK which in turn disables determination etc. Passion is an emotion, which is something that comes from within. However, it is a result of the belief and conviction which can be fueled from without. Be passionate about learning and growing, the skills you develop will help you as your career evolves. Passion aligned with capabilities and meaningful work is a destination that grows with you. Although passion from a career perspective comes in many forms, it may change based on your set of career "lenses" as you evolve. Having a passion and building a career around that passion would certainly fuel creativity, align your focus and therefore potentially aiding you in greater success.

Insight: Insight is the deep intuitive understanding of things, and it often breaks through the conventional wisdom. Creativity is a result of living in your intuitive space. It is an action or a reaction to the world, from that place, it has no fear or traditions. It's not only about trying to "think outside the box," but an intuitive expression and alternative path that takes you wherever it needs to go, without boundaries. There’s critical link between creativity and intuition. An intuitive mind has the strength and the willpower to follow the courageous heart, and thus, having the better chance to be creative.  Creativity is a type of “out-of-box” thinking, and insight is thinking into the box after thinking out of the box. Thus, insight takes both creativity and reasoning, intuition and logic, the power of acute observation and deduction, questioning, connection, penetration, discernment, perception called intellection or noesis. So insight does not just fuel creativity, but also make creativity more tangible and embed creativity with other thought processes to create value and produce the new knowledge.

Learning agility: The mind with learning agility likes to experiment and comfortable with change, it can move out of their comfort zone, take risks, learn from mistakes. It’s an important element to spark creativity. Being learning agile via experiment on innovation, delivering a result at the first-time situation will be more frequent than ever. It will allow one to obtain new insights and experiences that can only help in your future endeavors as well. Thinking outside the box, going against the grain. At times throwing away conventional means and trying something radically new, and having overall multifaceted resourcefulness. Agility is related many things such as flexibility, changeability, robustness, sensitivity, comprehensiveness, speed, responsiveness, etc. That is, the multi-dimensional competencies to formulate creative (unconventional) alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show versatility and flexibility in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances.

Therefore, to build a creative workplace is to stimulate passion, encourage insightful cognitions, and inspire learning agility. From behaviorism philosophy perspective, if the environment is stimulating and challenging, and then the brain can thrive from new stimulus to generate new ideas. So, creativity will not be suppressed, but rewarded or reinforced by a positive response in a group setting or team context. And then creativity flows and innovation will blossom.


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