Friday, August 11, 2023


The new journey of an insightful globalist starts at the great global city, with all sorts of global experience amazingly.

The global environment is dynamic and uncertain, the pace of change is increasing, Global citizens are experiencing the same world but perhaps perceive it subjectively.

 For the past couple of days, I have been staying in a great global metropolitan city in which I have had an amazing people-centric experience. I enjoy the excellent mix of natural beauty and societal advancement, the ocean's openness and the city's charming; and most importantly, people treat each other so friendly, offer help to strangers warm-heartedly. The pacific ocean broadens my mindset. The local residents impress me and embrace me friendly, make me strong and full of appreciation. Great global places and citizens cure us spiritually, make us feel energetic in the face of frustration, doesn't it?

Global communication: Global professionals are comfortable to live in an advanced global society in which they are able to work and live freely, communicate empathetically. In the truly global society, not only do we speak our own dialect, but we are also good at a couple of languages; we switch back and forth fluently; we enjoy global media through multi-lingual or interdisciplinary understanding. We become global citizens because we like each other even though we are strangers; we understand each other empathetically; we go deeper to diagnose real problems and deal with them thoughtfully.

Because each mindset filters information differently, thinks differently, and learns differently.Good communication is based on fluent language skills, expertise, contextual understanding, and deep insight, to avoid “lost in translation” syndrome. In an open and progressive society, Global professionals should sense, feel, read and imagine, set tones to enhance cross-boundary communication and collaboration.

Global platform: The world becomes flattened, changes or problems usually do not happen in isolation from each other in predictable ways. True globalism means brainstorming for fresh idea exchange, open platform to communicate, open innovation to scale up and amplify innovation impact; open culture understanding, not only for knowing the diversified cultures or customs, but also become more fluent in the open style of multicultural communication, open mindset of inclusive leadership. In an advanced global society, communication is objective; transportation is predictive; social interaction is professional and problem-solving is holistic.

An advanced global platform interwoven by information technology enables people to share fresh ideas, criticize old ways to do things, and co-solve problems innovatively. It helps to discover hot spots for innovation and enable people across the globe to build trustful relationships and harness cross-boundary collaboration. In shaping a global business, it takes cohesive collaboration for business as a whole, aligns the different parts of the ecosystem to adopt more points of integration, with layered and loosely coupled modular capabilities to build differentiated competencies for solving complex problems effectively.

Global professionalism:
The global world is diversified and complex, and global value is multi-dimensional. So to develop global professionalism, people from different regions, religions, and cultural differences should refine their knowledge into more unified insight; compare personal/family values with national, global values, etc. Contemporary global professionalism is contextual. You need to have value judgment skills to make sound decisions; strategic perspective to diagnose critical problems; paradoxical logic to strike the right balance.

In a truly global society, people demonstrate global courtesy, global knowledge and global professionalism. It is a strategic imperative for today’s leaders and professionals to embrace the broader view of global society, shape a clear vision, establish global principles & regulations, and develop the next practices to deal with existing and emerging complex business problems to advance humanity collaboratively. Being a qualified global citizen means you expand the horizon, develop multilingual fluency, interdisciplinary knowledge expertise, cultural empathy, embrace inclusion, and accumulate global experience to reach the next level of professional maturity.

The new journey of an insightful globalist starts at the great global city, with all sorts of global experience amazingly. It’s always important to create common rationale between perspectives, engender fresh global insight, help people recognize challenges, understand boundaries, deal with constraints, frictions, bridge a variety of gaps seamlessly, in order to develop global professionalism, accomplish multiplexing tasks, and amplify the collective potential of our modern world.


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