Wednesday, February 21, 2024

NanJing Museum

Overall speaking. the museum is entertaining and educational; we should make it more globalized; both locals and tourists can learn and grow, spending a couple of hours here and having a fulfilling trip.

Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu. It is the national capital of six dynasties in Ancient times. Now it attracts tourists all over the nation for its beautiful parks, enriched cultures, exquisite gardens, skyscraping shopping malls, and quality colleges every year. I visited the Nanjing Museum near the Zhongshan gate. It has a variety of sessions such as oriental art, history, digital images, diversity of art, etc

Many people were waiting outside in the early morning. You have to reserve the seat and prebook the visiting time to get in, as it is a free tourist spot. Online reservations were full, but the staff was very friendly and suggested I wait for a while as they would release more tickets to let people in soon. So I had the chance to visit the museum that morning.

The museum is very spacious with a few connected architectural buildings, the capacity is considerably big enough and the content is educational. In the history section, there were diverse art, and ancient treasure exhibitions, reflecting the people's life in ancient times, the items including such as currency, crafts, ornaments, working tools, home decoration, etc. Asian people like jade very much. There is a special jade session that exhibits different shapes and colors of jades and other gemstones; there is a poetic description of those art pieces and how those gems can be used to communicate with the natural world in the old times, as well as how they influence human progress historically.

Because it’s the year of the dragon, in the digital session, there are flying dragons and roaring lions. There is the beautiful art of light with the enriched color theme.

In the diversity of art sessions, there are calligraphy, water-ink paintings, photographs, and a small session of oil painting exhibitions. There are some sculptures in the hall, the only female sculpture figure I found is a Chinese American, the passed cientist: Ms. Wu Jianxiong, who was born in Jiangsu province and went to college in Nanjing. I was very proud of her.

It took me about two hours to walk through a few connected museum buildings, visiting all sections of art and history. There are delicate cafes and elegant gift shops on different floors. I offered some suggestions to the staff because there is a lack of English descriptions for many art pieces.

It is a great museum, and we should make it more globalized, attracting global citizens to visit Nanjing. Overall speaking. the museum is entertaining and educational; both locals and tourists can learn and grow, spending a couple of hours here and having a fulfilling trip.


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