Monday, April 8, 2024

"Four Dimensional“ Pondering:Visiting Siziwan and Specialized Museum

 Are we able to truly open our minds, expand our horizons to explore the world, in pursuit of the truth and advance humanity passionately?

Siziwan is an ocean harbor in Kaohsiung, at which you can see the ocean, take ferries, and go hiking. It was not so far away from the Pier 2 culture center. I also visited a nearby conceptual museum (also called Alien Museum) but I felt it was not so relevant to extraterrestrials, it’s more about conveying the design concept with some artistic touch. It should be categorized as a specialized museum with a limited design collection.

The magic of light: We are surrounded by the warmth of the light and survive with natural energy. From the first glowing sunrise to the dazzling sunset, we experience the spectacular lights with different shades and color spectrums. I guess in quite a few rooms, the exhibitions intend to convey the importance of light in the world. But in my opinion, it’s still not bold or brilliant enough to evoke the wild imagination of our beautiful space and natural ecosystem. 

Visual effect in design patterns: The other topic of the exhibition is about how to use the visual effects of the light in design patterns and how design could delight us or stimulate our thoughts, and discover patterns in nature, or life. However the collection is very limited, a few artists being introduced were not Asians. In one room, there were only two normal items: a piece of shirt and a pair of pants. They are not very special. Some rooms are even empty.  I asked the staff the meaning of these two things; the answer was not very impressive. They agree the exhibition should be more creative, stimulating people’s imagination.

Harmonious surroundings: Usually, thinkers like myself are interested in contrast concepts such as darkness and brightness, static and vitality, solidity vs. fluidity, sense and sensibility, etc. There is continuity in between and there is a renewal to keep energizing our environmental surroundings.

On the second floor, there is a well-decorated cafe and gift shop, at which people can sit down to sip their tea or coffee and take a rest. A few abstract paintings are beautiful and gift items are exquisite. 

“Four-dimension” roads & streets: I walked through the road named “siwei,” which means “four-dimension” in the city of Kaohsiung and Taitung district areas a few times, and also passed through a small city park called “four-dimensional park”  Many temples and churches were scattering around those cities. That inspires my imagination about our planet. Is it beyond three dimensions, can we understand the limitations of modern technology, and how to break down conventional wisdom to explore the unknown? 

When we go to new places, pass through interesting roads, and streets, and walk into deep alleys; or when we talk to people different from us; and visit all sorts of museums and cultural centers, are we able to truly open our minds, expand our horizons to explore the world, in pursuit of the truth and advance humanity passionately?


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