Friday, April 12, 2024

Peach Blossoms

Urban people immerse themselves in nature on the weekend, forgetting the busy city life, and become more original and enthusiastic to discover the truth and appreciate our wonderful world.

aitung has a beautiful ocean coast view and an elegant mountain landscape. The bus ran through a few impressive vista points, at which tourists can appreciate the natural beauty.

After the bus stopped at the Jialulan, we listened to waves paddling the seashore and saw the clouds flowing up & down passing through the remote mountains; the sun was shining up and the wind blowing over heavily. Different sizes and shapes of stones stood on the shore solidly. The ocean has its temper but is also under control; watching us over and speaking to us powerfully. People admire nature and nature cherishes people. But where is the peach blossom wonderland? Is it hidden deeper inside the valley?

The bus continued to move along the sea coast, passing through numerous palm trees and farmlands, and then we arrived at a small village. The local folk music allures us to go downstairs, watching minority performers playing the instruments and singing the lovely songs. Across the road, moving up to the hill, I arrived at another peach blossom wonderland - Dulan, with green groves, colorful flowers, and lucid ponds hidden inside the mountains. I saw many smiling faces and heard cheerful voices.  People seemed very happy here, admired nature, and refreshed their energy.

At the next station, the bus stopped near the reddish Donghe Bridge. Surprisingly. a couple of monkeys walked back and forth across the bridge. They observed tourists closely. I heard one tourist screaming because the monkeys grabbed the food from her hand swiftly. No wonder the monkeys watched me around when I passed by. Fortunately, they were not interested in a bottle of tea I held in my hand. Tourists took photographs of those money folks; they were not so shy away, acted very friendly. The little money was very cute; when she saw young kids being hugged by their parents. She also went to her Mom, hugged her and they played with each other for family gathering fun.

The next scenery spot that the bus stopped over was “water flowing upwards” That was an interesting phenomenon. I did see the water in a little stream flowing upwards slowly. Why? Is it a visual effect or some magic power to suck the water up?

Here is the online explanation: The illusion of "Water Flowing Uphill" is created by the fact that the irrigation canals run roughly parallel to the downhill road and have a steeper slope than the ground where people stand. Due to the influence of the surrounding large-scale landmarks, people perceive the water in the canals as flowing slowly uphill, creating the visual effect of water flowing uphill. 

"The last but not the least" scenic spot the bus stopped was “Xiaoyeliu,” which means “little wild willow.” There are many different shapes and sizes of stones and rocks scattered around the seashore. People could take those stone steps going towards the oceanfront, listening to the waves and capturing the magnificent ocean views. The environment is really fantastic, surrounded by all sorts of strong plants, elegant pavilions, and great mountains. It’s the peach blossom land we all enjoy to visit.

It took about a couple of hours for the bus to move up the hill or run down into the valley along the ocean coast. Although I only visited a few places with great views of the ocean and mountains, I knew there were quite a lot of peach blossom villages hidden inside. Many urban people immerse themselves in nature on the weekend, forgetting the busy city life, and become more original and enthusiastic to discover the truth and appreciate our wonderful world.


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