Sunday, July 10, 2011

Change Management Debate: What is your Culture going to Eat for Dinner

If you can change the culture, you can change the world
As Deloitte’s Shift Index shows, the average life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company has declined from around 75 years half a century ago to less than 15 years today, and heading towards 5 years if nothing is done.

What are the root causes to make the Mighty fall, there’re the mix bag of reasons, organizational culture could be one of the most invisible and intimidating factors to influence your organization’s future.
Cultural Chasm happens in 21st century organization more often than ever such as:
·    Command-Control leadership style is not compatible with today’s decentralized working environment and knowledge workers’ collaboration

·     Silo functions prevent the organization as a whole from fast response to customers feedback and optimize the organizational effectiveness and resilience.

·     Like-minded decision makers take more guts than data in today’s hyper competitive global economy, leave blind Spot or hubris attitude.

·     Multi-generational workforces have the different working style and life priority, with more dynamic team building and project management

Why is the Cultural Beast so Hard to Tame:

  • Culture Eat Strategy for Breakfast
No matter your strategy is to build up the brand, make a long term prosperity, cultivate the positive working ethics, leverage the nature of Ying & Yang, nurture the Tao of Leadership (lead the world via harmony and with little effort, etc),  or execute strategic analytics, negative culture could eat them all; Since culture itself is the brand, the prediction, and the attitude.

  • Culture Eat Process for Lunch
About 70% of change management project doesn’t work out, 68% of business process management fail, and 8 out of 10 companies does not achieve the expected goal in business analytics.
The negative culture such as resist-to-change, bureaucracy may become the series killer for operational efficiency, lean process, and talent management.

  • What is Culture going to Eat for Dinner
Culture is eating what it kills---such as imagination, innovation, learning capability, diversity, risk-awareness, sustainability, even including your vision and mission

  • Promote the positive culture takes courage, persistence and methodology
The inspiring organizational cultures emerged in 21st century include:
1) Customer-Centric Culture
2) Analytics-Based Culture
3) Open Leadership Culture
4) Diversity-Enhanced Culture
5) Learning-Enabled Culture
6) Capability-Driven Culture
7) De-Politicize Decision Making Culture
8) Innovation-Amplified Culture
(9) Risk-Awareness Culture
(10) Self-Managed Culture


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