Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Psychology of Creativity

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes, in seeing the universe through the eyes of another, of hundreds of others, in seeing the hundreds of universes that each of them sees." ~ Marcel Proust

We tend to equate artistic with creative and they can go together although not necessarily. Creativity seems to be the free flow of life force energy. It is a wellspring we can learn to tap or to un-tap if a beaver has dammed up the flow.

Einstein said, "Unlearning is more important than learning.” “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”.

Creativity by Taylor is: "expressive, productive, inventive and innovative, emergent”. Hermann believes that everyone has a creative potential that can be expressed through artistic and scientific creativity. Also by the realization of something new that may be an idea, a plan, even a new friendship. It begins with the existence of a problem that needs solving! “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way”. - Edward de Bono

Creativity flourishes in solitude. With quiet, you can hear your thoughts, you can reach deep within yourself, and you can focus. It’s not difficult being creative, it’s difficult for you to be understood by others most of the times. The inspiration happens, but it's so bright and electric, it may take a lot of work on the creative's part to "communicate" with the public or audience. Connections can be spelled out. Analogies can be noted. Chains of thought that can lead to those inspirations can be told as stories. But not each of these needs is always included in the creative's repertoire of skills.

Creative people always see possibility in the world, when most people only see the way that they have been told. The creativity processes so many connections that depend on unusual analogies and chains of thought that the thoughts might be completely new. “A wonderful harmony is created when we join together the seemingly unconnected." - Heraclitus

"A creative one is motivated by the desire to achieve something, not by the desire to beat others" -Ayn Rand


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